Life at the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market

A group of us in Fayetteville set up a display about how life starts at conception. We had some good dialogues with pro-choice people who got to experience first hand that pro-life people are peaceful and willing to talk, not argue. Actually, Ray Hines was the  person who was approached by people who had pretty strong pro-choice opinions. I was encouraged by how he treated each person with honor and respect.

We are building bridges with those who have perceived pro-life folks as being rigid, violent and hateful, and planting seeds of truth.

A little Chinese girl was drawn to our display. I spoke to her father who told how he knew of people who were forced to get abortions because they were not “careful” enough since they can have limited number of children. He was definitely against abortion.

Other folks who support our cause stopped by to encourage us.

We had a fulfilling morning at the market and I was glad to be willing to standing up for my faith and my value in an environment where most of my friends are pro-choice. I am grateful for my new friends that I have met in 40 days for life who help me be courageous and support me in my journey from being passive pro-life to active.

My son and daughter sang uplifting songs at the Farmers Market, putting out a sign that said they were raising money for the local crises pregnancy center, Loving Choices. They raised $80 in less than 3 hours! The 40 Days for Life volunteers who manned the booth were very supportive of them, and it was beautiful that at the same farmer’s market I could be serving and so could they.

I want to thank  40 Days for Life for giving my family something meaningful to work on together and helping me to meet new friends that I can work with.


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