What does abortion and the recent suicide of Tyler Clementis have in common?

I have been reading about the recent rash of gay teen suicide including Tyler Clementis that has caught international media attention as well as well as high profile folks to express their outrage. You can read more here.
The consensus is pointing to the possibility that bullying of these teens has lead to their choice of taking their lives.
I feel so sad for the survivors of these young people. I can imagine how it would feel to be in such a situation.  I deeply respect the parents of Tyler who made this statement:
“Regardless of legal outcomes, our hope is that our family’s personal tragedy will serve as a call for compassion, empathy and human dignity.”
Since I have been focusing on the rights of the unborn in recent weeks, I have also had more empathy for mothers who are faced with the decision as to whether or not to take the life of their own child in their wombs. Since I know based on irrefutable scientific evidence that human life does begin at conception,  then I believe that a mother is choosing to kill her own child.
I am guessing that the young people who placed a video camera in Tyler’s room while he was having a gay sexual encounter did not hope that Tyler would commit suicide.  When those same young people let others see the video on the internet, I doubt that they knew how devastating their actions would be.
I think it is the same way with a mother who is deciding whether or not to have an abortion. Because she is often not presented with the facts that her unborn baby is alive and that she may realize later that she has destroyed a life, she doesn’t have the knowledge of what the consequences might be.
I wonder if those young people who placed the video camera in Tyler’s room had known that Tyler would take his life–would they have done this deed?
I wonder if each mother who has an abortion if she would know the truth about that life inside her–would she have done this deed?
What were Tyler’s “friends” wanting? What is a mother who is considering abortion wanting? I think they are deep down inside wanting to  love and to be loved; a sense of belonging; a sense of purpose and freedom. Yet they are carrying out their desires in tragic ways.
What was Tyler wanting? And what was the unborn baby wanting? Most likely the same things. Tyler chose to take his own life probably because he was afraid his needs would not be met. An unborn baby is killed because her mother is afraid her needs will not be met.
I believe that we all want the same things.  I believe that these needs were planted in us by a loving God who only wants the best for us. But even if you don’t believe in God, I think you can agree that we all have these needs.
I hope that my actions in supporting the 40 Days for Life campaign here in Fayetteville will lead to a raising of awareness of what abortion really is and that it is as important to stop the killing of an innocent unborn child as it is to stop the bullying of innocent young people.
I hope that the Kindness Alliance that Jordan and I started will help people who bully to realize how underneath their meanness are unmet needs that can be met in much more fulfilling ways than hurting others.
I really hope that the media attention that the recent gay teen suicides is getting will result in positive changes in how people treat each other. And I really hope that the mainstream  media will also shine a light on the unnecessary and tragic deaths that happen every day in abortion clinics.  No innocent person deserves to die.

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