Am I crazybecause I believe that it is possible to have a culture of life on this earth?

This concern with stopping abortion. And creating a culture of life. Is it just an obsession? Why has it taken hold of me like nothing else has in all my life? I believe with all my heart that I am NOT crazy! I have just finally woken up. Articles like this one have given me scientific proof beyond doubt that human life begins at conception.

I know now that I have been afraid of what people would think if I was vocal about the abortion issue. Already I have erased a number of posts I have put on facebook, not wanting to offend people. But then I forgot that my blogs automatically go to my facebook profile. Oh well, if I offend, so be it. I no longer care about being liked. I don’t even care if people de-friend me or hide me or flame me. I just want to stand up for truth–that innocent pre-babies are being killed in abortion clinics all over the world every day. I am not good at statistics, but I am going to start memorizing them because it is important to know how many pre-born babies are killed daily.  But even if just one pre-born baby a day were killed by abortion–it is one baby too many. One life is precious. One life is unique, special, and loved by God.

I have been against abortion since I was twenty years old. Before that, when I was having a lot of sex with a lot of men, I thought that if I got pregnant even though I was on the birth control pill, I would just get an abortion. No big deal. I had no idea that I might be scarred for life–physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I didn’t have a clue that I would be allowing someone to kill my child in my womb. I thank God with all my heart that I did not get pregnant and that I never did get an abortion.

When I learned about the facts of abortion, I took a passive pro-life stand.  I hoped that the topic would never arise because it seemed like I just didn’t have the facts to counter any arguments that pro-choice people had. In the circles I traveled, most people were pro-choice.  For some reason I refused to study to know the facts and have a good argument. The simple fact is that it has been scientifically proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that human life begins at conception. Therefore abortion is murder.  If anyone wants to research these facts, I welcome them to do so here.  And even if there were doubts that human life begins at conception–I would not want to take a chance and kill a human life no matter how small and young. Would you?

I wish that God had put a window on the womb so that people could see the miracle of life. If people could see the tiny little baby who is smiling, sucking his or her thumb, yawning or otherwise being active, maybe they would think twice about killing the little tyke.

No one in their right mind would see a one day old baby in mother’s arms and think, “Hmmm, that child might be a burden–I really think the mother should just end its life.” But because they can not see the baby safe and snug in the uterus, it seems like it is okay to kill the pre-born.

You know, even though I have been pro-life for 36 years, it was only in the past few weeks that I have really been on fire. I give credit to the 40 Days for Life folks who have two 40 day campaigns a year using prayer, fasting and community outreach to bring an end to abortion in our world. I have read and listened to thousands of words from them and I know with all my heart that they are committed to being non-violent and loving in their advocacy for life.

We want more than an end to abortion. We want people to wake up to the fact that we desperately need a culture of life.

Is it possible that every single problem that we have on the planet will not be solved unless we address this silent holocaust where we allow millions of innocents to die?  The fact that so many people are in denial over the fact that abortion is murder is downright scary and also confusing.  Yet I know that I could be counted as one who was in denial even though I was pro-life. The main reason was because I persuaded myself that there were so many other issues that were more important. But as I learned about the suffering of both the child and the mother, I grew to realize that this is the only issue where many people refuse to admit that abortion is murder, and murder is wrong, and thus abortion is wrong.  Sane people will say that rape, murder, incest, child-molesting, and theft are all crimes and people perpetrating the crimes should be punished. But seemingly sane people will also say that even though abortion kills a pre-born baby–it is okay. Or they won’t do the research  that shows it is murder.

I hope to encourage peaceful dialogue about this topic. I want to listen to those who have differing views. I sincerely want to understand where they are coming from.  And if someone really believes that it is okay to kill a pre-born child by aborting him or her-I have deep compassion for them. I have been in denial myself. I understand.

If you are reading this and know about my past history of getting passionate about causes,  you know that I am capable of stirring up a lot of energy around the object of my passion. For sure this is not about my ego as it has been too much in the past. I probably will lose friends and maybe even some jobs because of my stand. But  I hope that you will remain my friend on facebook and elsewhere.  If you feel uncomfortable about my zeal,  I hope that you will hang in there and look at some of the materials I share and be open. I don’t want you to be in denial any more. I want you to wake up like I did. I deeply regret so many years of silence. But I have learned so much from my activist and organizing experiences. I yearn to use every bit of knowledge and experience and also be lead by the Holy Spirit and work with God and other peaceful pro-life advocates to help make this a culture of life where every living creature including animals, small children, handi-capped, starving people, all suffering people are nurtured, loved, and healed.

But I fear that all of the above described suffering will continue unless we attend to one of the worst crimes I can think of — encouraging women to allow their babies to be killed while the babies are still in the womb.


3 thoughts on “Am I crazybecause I believe that it is possible to have a culture of life on this earth?

  1. Hi,

    You state that it has been scientifically proven that human life begins at conception. It would be a real service for you to provide references (preferably live Web links) supporting that claim.

    Subjectively, it seems to me that it depends on when the soul becomes associated with a particular body. Has anyone proven the existence of the soul?

    Thanks for using your life energy for good! Keep up the good work.

    A. Friend

  2. Thanks so much for that very practical advice. I had just received one of the best objective and short articles providing scientific proof that human life begins at conception so I added that link to the article.

    I don’t think this has anything to do with whether or not a soul exists. Our laws, our constitution and our natural inclination not to kill people, especially innocent babies, demonstrate that it is morally wrong to take a life. Not all people believe in the existence of a soul–but most sane people would not kill a tiny little baby.

    I appreciate your encouragement very much. Maybe your contribution will inspire someone to look up this link and decide not to get an abortion. There are so many alternatives to abortion including regular adoption and open adoption where the mother can let someone else raise the child but she can still be in the child’s life. I think that is so beautiful–the creation of an extended family.

  3. A. Friend – why is it that you require proof of a soul in order to not kill a baby in the womb, but you don’t require proof of a soul not to kill an adult person? Why the double standard?

    And as patricia said, our laws that protect human life are not based at all on the existence of the soul anyway. The baby in the womb is alive (i.e. life) and is human. It is a human life. Very simple.

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