58 Ideas to help 40 Days for Life reach even more people

After being involved in three local activist campaigns where many people got involved,  I have a lot of experience of things that can work to inspire people who supported the causes to participate more. Here a a few of those ideas. I hope you might see one you like and take it and run with it.

  1. Have weekly meetings for an hour where people can pray, share quick testimonies and get support for projects that people are initiating, including filling up the schedule
  2. Make garage sale like signs that promote 40 Days campaign and raise awareness about abortion.  Make stencils.
  3. Have sign making parties
  4. Invite the press to sign making parties
  5. Have a press conference and invite people to speak such as women who have had abortions, former workers in abortion clinics, others who have adversely been affected by abortion, pro-life doctor.
  6. Have a yahoo group so that people can communicate their testimonies and pray for each other
  7. Have another yahoo group so people can support each other in carrying out their ideas.
  8. Have table at the farmers market whenever it is open
  9. Make a display that compares visually abortion to the holocaust and other atrocities
  10. Do an art exhibit. Have children and people of all ages submit pictures that depict life and the horror of abortion
  11. Do street theater. One idea is to have a pregnant woman who has a window to her uterus.
  12. Carry around the 12 week old pre-born child and start conversations
  13. Make a list of conversation starters.
  14. Memorize scientific facts. Write them on 3×5 cards.
  15. Get bumper stickers, t shirts and other promotional items made at http://www.cafepress.com
  16. Help people to find prayer and fasting buddies
  17. Put out information on how to fast
  18. Have lots of ideas on how to pray in front of Planned Parenthood
  19. Host a televised Abortion vs life dialogue where people from both sides have a mediated, peaceful discussion. Have on each side such people as a doctor, a woman who has had an abortion,  minister, and abortion clinic worker.
  20. Get a hair cut where you spell out words depicting your stand on abortion.
  21. Write chalk messages everywhere on the side walks.
  22. Go door to door and do a survey to find out where people stand and hand out literature.
  23. Do a petition drive door to door.
  24. Have displays and outreach tables at every event that is happening during the 40 days campaign.
  25. Contact all the business owners in the area of Planned Parenthood and survey where they stand on abortion.
  26. Have a card to hand out to people when you talk to them where they can find resources about life
  27. Make a list of all the bestpro-life  websites and describe what they are about
  28. Have a blogging circle such as what they did at http://www.bigtentchristianity.com where lots of people can blog about their 40 days for life experience
  29. Reach out to youth group leaders and encourage them to take one prayer shift.
  30. Have a hand out sheet that states all the wonderful and challenging things that happen during a vigil
  31. Have conference calls to talk about various aspects of the vigil including
  32. How to deal with confrontation during the vigil
  33. How to talk to people about abortion
  34. Filling up the schedule
  35. How to inspire more people to get involved.
  36. Do a daily podcast  share all the latest breaking news about the campaign
  37. Send regular press releases to the news
  38. Make PSAs for all the radio stations
  39. Have a conference call to brainstorm about how to reach out to churches and get them involved
  40. Start a http://www.lotsahelpinghands.com website to help people to coordinate the efforts
  41. Inspire people to start discussing things on the forum on Facebook
  42. Get more members on facebook
  43. have someone who loves doing face book in charge of aggressively getting it out
  44. Put every great resources people find on the facebook page
  45. Start a “ning” site where people can more effectively social network around pro-life issues
  46. Think about how the campaign can keep going after the 40 days.
  47. Invite pastors to be on a conference call to discuss how they can reach out to their pastor friends.
  48. Have dialogues that build understanding between Catholics and other Christians
  49. Have a pro-life rock concert at a local church. Get Pure Radiance to come–they are all supporters of 40 Days campaign and members of Fun, Fellowship and Service
  50. Make an application form and find out all the talents and resources that 40 days for life participants have and see what they are willing to do.
  51. Have a grassroots volunteer coordinator to help with community outreach and finding more participants
  52. Write your goals and prayers for 40 days for life on 3 x 5 cards. Carry them with you and read them, pray over them whenever you have a chance.
  53. Put pro-life signs on your car by using washable paint.
  54. Always have some kind of conversation starter like a t-shirt, bracelet, hat that can help identify other pro-lifers and be ready to invite them.
  55. Carry cards that tell about 40 days for life. Always be ready to talk about the campaign.
  56. Have a meeting and a conference call to brainstorm ideas
  57. Have an open space meeting to help people self organize around what they are passionate about.
  58. Find a vacant office near Planned parenthood where someone can donate space or donate money to rent space during the campaign. Meet there, keep signs, people can visit before and after vigils, schedule posted.I will keep adding to this list…what are your ideas?

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