Day 3: 40 Days for life is helping me with my spiritual growth so much

I said yesterday that every time I felt a hunger pang because I am fasting on liquids, I would let that remind me to pray. That really happened today. I just can’t get God out of my mind and heart. I can’t stop thinking about how I yearn to use every talent that I have to stop the killing of these innocent children. I yearn to be a catalyst to wake people up who are in denial about the fact that abortion kills small human beings.

I was sent by two different pro-life friends two videos which were extraordinary. I am going to post them on the next blogs. If I was not involved in this 40 days effort, I probably would not have received them. These days, it seems, you really want to make sure where people stand before you share pro-life stuff. They both knew where I stood because of my involvement with 40 days for life.

Abby Johnson, former planned parenthood director and present pro-life spokesperson, wrote a wonderful acknowledgement in response to my 14 year old daughter’s article which she wrote about the 40 Days for Life kick off where Abby spoke.

I prayed for an hour in front of Planned Parenthood. I liked facing it, and used my little prayer bench part of the time so I could kneel. A young man stayed another hour after being there for an hour so I wouldn’t be alone. We need more prayer warriors…to cover all the shifts. I wish I could do more. We will see how God moves me.

A person who I clean house for lent me his parking ticket in case my children are able to hand out pro-life literature at the game. That was pretty cool! He is definitely pro-life.

The realization that this is the most important issue of our day keeps deepening in my mind and heart. I yearn to write about how this is true for me in order to explain to my pro-choice friends why all of a sudden this is my focus.

My kid’s friends were at the prayer vigil today before a birthday party they were all attending. The mom had attended the kick off rally and was deeply inspired, so she was willing to send out invites to the prayer vigil. So from 4-5 during rush hour traffic on a Friday about 10 young people took a stand for life in front of Planned Parenthood. I am so deeply touched that my young friends, the parent, and my children wanted to do this.

My daughter was insistent that she be able to hand out literature at the football game tomorrow. For various reasons this might not happen, but I was glad to see her using her very strong will power for such a good cause! We are having the best conversations about all the issues surrounding abortion.

I listened to Randy Alcorn’s book, WHY PRO-LIFE. It is excellent, not preachy, down-to-earth, full of scientific facts and inspiring.

I’m just feeling grateful to be part of this. I’m meeting a lot of really wonderful people. It is really easy for me to pray in front of Planned Parenthood. I often fail to have a discipline to pray as much as I would like. Kneeling or standing in front of Planned Parenthood–well, there’s not much else to do but pray! Since it is really important for me to keep my commitments, I also am motivated to go there.

I was amazed at how well my daughter wrote her article about her experience praying in front of Planned Parenthood and going to the kick off rally. She is demonstrating some real talent that I didn’t realize she had because she has a resistance to writing.  She needed very little coaching.  What a great homeschooling lesson.

I just feel as if God is saying to me, “you go girl!” I have so much energy and feel so much peace. Even if I am weeping for the ignorance of those who support abortion and abortion’s victims–I still feel so much peace.


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