Day two-fasting and feeling inspired

I am really enjoying my liquid fast which I am doing as a part of the 40 Days for Life prayer and fasting vigil inspired by Forty Days for Life I can’t remember the last time I fasted. I used to do the master cleanse which is a lemonade sweetened with maple syrup and spiced up by cayenne for as long as two weeks at a time. But that was before I had kids and thus the temptation of food.

Now I am fasting on smoothies and lemonade. I might transition into all lemonade later.  I feel so grateful that God is giving me the self-control to do this, because I have tried on my own strength and just simply failed to keep a fast. Having the motivation that comes from realizing that pre-born babies are dying and young women suffering because of abortion makes it possible for me to do this also. Even though I have been pro-life and against abortion since I was 21, (34 years ago) I have never taken an active stance on this issue because I believed it to be divisive.  But now I strongly believe that it is the most important issue of our time. I look forward to writing more about that later.

Fasting is great because I am saving the time I would have used to prepare food to have time to work on the 40 days for life campaign. I love to write, and I am finally having time to do that. I love to develop strategies and be part of a team, and I am getting involved with the local campaign in order to do that. I have more time to be with my kids and work on their Fun, Fellowship and Service youth organization which has made helping the 40 days for life campaign one of their service projects.

Fasting helps me to sleep less, sleep more soundly, and just be more alert. The few times I have wanted to eat, I just pray for God’s strength and also think about the cause of saving lives and helping the world be a more peaceful, just place .

Last week I got warmed up by fasting during the day and eating lightly in the evening. Now I am finding it easier to fast and actually my desire to eat is starting to fade.  I am glad I felt inspired to a “warm up” fast.

I drink a super healthy raw non-dairy smoothie with lots of super foods. I am getting so much nutrition but not having to spend a lot of energy digesting or chewing or cooking. The food is healthier with the enzymes intact.

I notice my thoughts and emotions are clearer as well. Last night I wrote in my journal, “Dear God, I am hungry and just want to stuff myself with food to block out the feelings about abortion, but I won’t. I am so committed to fasting.” I had just read some pretty gory stories as well as seen pictures about abortion.

The bible says that some things are only healed by prayer and fasting. I know that fasting is very healing. My body feels lighter and more energetic.

Best of all, I am feeling closer to Jesus as I let go of using food as a way of escaping.  I just feel his sweet presence and love as I let go of my need for solid food.  Today as I fast, I will use each hunger pang to remember to pray for the unborn and all the victims of abortion including those who encourage and perform abortions, and those who are in denial about the fact that abortion is killing an innocent child.

I have to admit–I did eat an avocado last night. It was like all my self control flew out the window. But it was easy to digest and raw–still, I really did not enjoy it and felt guilty for going off my fast. I pray that I can stay true to the course today. I have an accountability partner and that helps.

I feel so grateful to all the organizers of our local campaign including Ray, Natalie, and Juliet. They have been such a great support to me personally and to everyone who is involved. I also feel grateful to my children, their friends and parents who have been involved.


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