Miracles have happened since I joined the 40 Days for Life campaign

So many miracles have occurred since I joined the current fall 40 Days for Life campaign. I need to list them so I can remember, and I hope they will inspire you to get involved as well if you support this cause. If you don’t, I hope you will prayerfully reconsider your views about abortion.

When I first learned about the 40 Days for Life campaigns which support people in praying, fasting, and doing community outreach to help stop abortion, I was impressed from the beginning with their commitment to peace, compassion, love, and nonviolence. Now I realize that the reason I haven’t been so vocal about my  pro-life views is because so many associate pro-lifers with those who are opposite from those qualities I just listed. Okay, I admit that have also had fears of what my more liberal friends would think of me.

Here are the thing which I call miracles because all of them seem to be assisted by the Holy Spirit. The fact that my kids are so involved and passionate is the biggest miracle because that means I can support them in doing something I believe in also.

1. My children Chris (21) and Mahriyanna (14) decided about a month ago that they really wanted to get serious about serving God and their community and world. They were inspired to start an organization called Fun, Fellowship and Service with the purpose of encouraging young people to serve as well as make and deepen friendships. 40 days for life was coming up, so they chose the Kick Off event as their first service project to promote. 13 people showed up and now are very interested in the campaign. I’ll write more about this later.

2. I have had a really hard time fasting but with this cause I realized that I just needed God’s help. I was able to do my first day of liquid fasting which I haven’t done in years–yesterday the first day of the 40 day vigil. I even have an accountability partner and we are going to help each other.  My daughter is going to make her own meals when she is with me so I won’t be tempted.

3. I woke up on the first day of the vigil at 4am. Having gone to bed at midnight, I thought I would need more sleep. But because I got up early, I was able to get some writing and chores done so that I could get to Planned Parenthood by the 7am shift. I just felt like I wanted to be there at the very first minute. I have a hard time being on time–but I made it. No one was there yet, so I was happy that I could hold that spot and I pray that we can say we covered every shift of the vigil.  Two people joined me shortly afterwards. I  was amazed at how fast the time went and how much there was to pray for.

4. My fourteen year old daughter Mahriyanna really wanted to experience praying at the vigil. I am deeply touched by her passion to do this work. We rushed through a bunch of chores and obligations so we could get there in time for the last shift. She was disappointed that we could not be there while Planned Parenthood was open! She held a sign for one full hour without asking me when the time was up. She loved every minute of it, and enjoyed both praying and watching the cars go by. Only one person seemed angry–and of course she prayed for her.  I kept my eyes closed so I could pray better.

5.  We had a meeting that evening with my son, Chris, to discuss how we can be involved in the vigil. Between my organizing skills, their connections, their photography skills and other talents they are developing like writing and announcing, we figured out a strategy to get more people involved. They both liked the idea of inviting their friends to go to the vigil before a birthday party that was happening the next day.

6. It was a miracle that 13 people showed up to support the 40 Days for Life Kick Off because of my kids outreach. One of the moms said, “I mainly came to support Chris–I had no idea it was going to be this inspiring. I got goose bumps.” The kids had fun before eating pizza and playing frisbee at a park. It all worked out perfectly.

7. I have been praying for reconciliation with people from a church I used to go to and where I was rejected in many ways. With this cause as a common denominator, I am getting together with people who were not willing to stand up for me when I was rejected. But they are standing up for the unborn. I think we are on the way to building trust and having reconciliation.

8. I was invited to go to a potluck by an organizing client, Sharon Gibson.  I was reluctant to go because I thought I was too busy, but I felt compelled to go anyway. There I met some of the organizers of the 40 Days for Life Campaign, Natalie and Ray Hines, who have been a tremendous inspiration and support to me.  Now that is a miracle!

9. The fact that Fayetteville go to have Shawn Carney and Abby Johnson for our kick off was a real miracle! They were so inspiring.

10. I had just started writing an e-course on how to create order to achieve goals. Because I needed to discipline myself more, I started taking my own advice. This created more order so I could feel confident about committing to taking time slots at the vigil, which last year I was unwilling to do.

11. I am getting unexpected income and advance income which has freed me up to do more 40 Days for Life work.

12. Ray and Natalie Hines gave me the recorded book, WHY PROLIFE by Randy Alcorn. This book gives me so much inspiration and knowledge that I am going to create a course for my daughter’s homeschooling curriculum–and for me also. It gave me insights about how abortion is really the main contributor to all problems on our planet. I can’t wait to write more about this.

13. Fasting has given me more time to work on this and other projects. I sleep less also. I feel great. I am losing weight. I feel closer to God.

14. My friend Jordan who was very  much pro-choice has been more open lately. He came to the kick off. He wants to listen to the recorded book WHY PROLIFE. He wants very much to have a dialogue with pro-choice and pro-life people sponsored by the Kindness Alliance, and organization we founded to promote kind words, deeds and actions.  He supports my children’s efforts to promote 40 Days for Life even though he is not sure of what he believes–but he knows he believes in my children.

15. I am realizing that working for pro-life causes is my true passion and that I must figure out a way to channel my organizing abilities in to helping raise awareness about this issue to a point that people see it as the holocaust that it is, and that abortion is no longer an option because people see the horror of it.

16. Our local Omni Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology organization is not officially pro-choice, but definitely has supported pro-choice causes through various ways. This week they are taking a survey and having an event to receive feedback from members. I will be giving my feedback about their views of abortion.

Well, that’s the short list. There are more…but no time to list them now. I thank God for all these miracles and look forward to many more.


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