40 Days for life is sparking a revivial in the pro-life movement

40 Days for Life is an organization that is sparking a world wide revival of  the pro-life movement.  Dedicated to ending abortion by using prayer, fasting and outreach  and only several years old, now thousands of people are involved in praying in front of abortion clinics and reaching out to their communities all over the world. Women are choosing not to have abortions. Abortion clinic employees are quitting their jobs. People are having the courage to get involved.

I am really encouraged by this group because my experience of the leadership is very positive. Too many times I have been disappointed by the examples of the people who are in charge of some cause I get involved with. I have proceeded cautiously with 40 Days for Life because of past experiences of working with people who don’t walk their talk. But now, especially after tonight and meeting one of the co-founders of 40 Days for Life, 28 year old Shawn Carney and former planned parenthood director (and 2008 employee of the year) Abby Johnson,  I am committed to supporting this organization and our local Fayetteville 40 Days for Life campaign. You can find more information at www.40daysforlife.com

I call this a revival because  it seemed to me that the pro-life movement was not very active for a long time. With such a bad reputation because so many pro-lifers were right wing conservatives, some of whom chose to kill and bomb abortionists. The extreme and violent actions of a handful of people who said they were pro-life (but of course were not–otherwise they would not use violence against humans) really hurt the movement. Yet the beauty of our God is that he created this world so that good could come from evil. And the good is that the founders of 40 Days for Life saw that taking a peaceful, nonviolent stand was not only biblical–but much more effective.

When I heard about 40 Days for Life last spring, it was because I was listening to a  Focus on the Family radio program where  Abby Johnson shared how she had resigned her position as director of Planned Parenthood and had become almost over night a very powerful pro-life spokesperson. And with all the prayers of 40 Days for Life people,  Abby finally had a change of heart. She said, “Over the past few months I had seen a change in motivation regarding the financial impact of abortions,” she said, “and I reached my breaking point after witnessing a particular kind of abortion on an ultrasound.”

We in Fayetteville were so fortunate to have both Abbey and Shawn speak at the kick off rally last night. Although they spoke strongly against abortion, I sensed no anger or bitterness. Rather, I experienced a deeply felt compassion for all who participate in abortion including the doctors forming the abortions. We are also very blessed to have people like Juliet who is the coordinator of the Fayetteville campaign, and all the people on the organizing team.

I am feeling inspired to write a lot about the topics of abortion and the 40 Days for Life campaign. I hope and pray that this writing can touch people and motivate them to get involved.

I thank God for a revival which I see sparking a movement which could make the rights of the unborn child equal to all human beings, and abortion becomes as unacceptable as slavery, child abuse, genocide, and murder. I thank God for 40 Days for Life.


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