Upcoming Communication Class with Lilian Bern

I have not taken this class but hear rave reviews from participants. Many of her ideas are based on Marshall Rosenberg’s model of Nonviolent Communication. Here it is:

Hello, dear friends, students and supporters: would you please share this with your lists: thanks!!!!

I am offering Effective and Compassionate Communication (improve your relationship with yourself and everyone you know) on Tuesdays, 5:15 to 7:15 for 9 weeks, starting August 31.
Please call to reserve your spot: (479) 397-2108

class starts in one week AT UNITY OF FAYETTEVILLE

Even Teachers, Salespeople and Attorneys, who tend to be excellent communicators, have been surprised at the depth of information gained, and the transformation that the skills brought into their lives: (this class is fun, everyone participates, and it will strain your mental and emotional muscles)…no, you can’t just read a book or listen to a tape and “get it”


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