Dancing with an angel

This morning I found myself dancing in a Christian worship service with a beautiful boy who has downs syndrome. I had just stopped into the service for a few minutes while I was waiting for my former husband and present best friend Robert to pick me up because I don’t really care for organized worship services. I had gotten a ride from my other former husband and good friend Cliff to the Living Springs Community center which is in the neighborhood where I live part time.   I felt drawn to visit for a few minutes because I heard them singing one of my favorite songs, “Mercy is Falling”.

I don’t know the name of the boy who seemed to be about eight years old…but I have met him before at various gatherings. I really enjoyed watching him dance in front of the worship team. I was really glad to see that he was free to dance, and I wanted to go up and join him. But I had been asked a few years ago by the elders not to dance in the open space because I didn’t believe that the bible is inerrant. That is a whole other story.

I really enjoyed watching him and felt my heart just leap with joy to see his uninhibited movement.  I accepted the fact that I would probably not be able to dance with him–I thought he might enjoy having a partner. But I wanted to honor the elders’ wishes not to dance in front of people.

After a few songs, then the boy started walking back to where I was.  I was surprised to watch him come right up to me and hug me and gaze into my eyes with a huge,  radiant smile. I gladly smiled back and easily looked into his eyes. Time stood still. I felt like I was in heaven.

Then I took his hands and started dancing with him. He was over joyed. After all,  I was not in front of everyone–I was in the back corner–I figured that would be okay. I sang to him also–another favorite song, “My Savior Lives”. To make it even better, my son Chris was leading the song.  The little boy  and I could not stop smiling at each other was we danced. I simply moved his hands with mine and moved around a bit. He loved it:)

The song was almost over The the boy danced back up to the front of the worship team, and I looked out the door and saw that Robert had arrived. I left. My heart was light.

I told Robert about my experience, and he was in awe. It seemed like such a simple thing–but he validated my experience that this was truly a miraculous event.

I wonder if I just danced with an angel:)


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