The law of attraction and being a follower of Jesus

I watched the movie THE SECRET when it was first released. Everyone was making such a big deal out of it, and even though I had years earlier given my life to Jesus, I still liked to keep in touch with the latest new thought type spirituality. And, hey, I was hoping maybe I could learn something from THE SECRET.

I was disappointed because it seemed like so much of the emphasis was about one could gain material wealth through the secret, which is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is that whatever you focus on, you attract. As much as I needed and wanted material things, I wished that there could have been more of a balance of obtaining great character qualities like integrity, loving kindness, joy in the midst of whatever happens, and patience.

I just recently re-listened to a conference call about the law of attraction which I have heard before. I was curious where I would be after not hearing it for perhaps two years. I had really forgotten what the law of attraction was, and was happy to find out that now I can remember. What you focus on you attract.

Immediately all that I have been learning since I discovered the book THE SHACK back in February of 2008 fell into place. The law of attraction is a law made by God. The scripture, “seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you” really came into focus. The ultimate law of attraction is focusing on our God who is so righteous and loving–then we will draw all that we really need for our happiness.

I am committed to trying out this experiment of continually focusing on God. It goes right along with what Jesus asked us to do, which was to pray unceasingly. Paul also tells us to take every thought captive. Jesus commands us “don’t worry”. The highest teaching according to Jesus was to love God and love people.  Our thoughts are powerful. The law of attraction is powerful.

But how difficult it is to attempt to constantly control the mind like an unruly puppy. Almost impossible, and not much fun. That is why he must have set it up so that we are made to have a love relationship with him. When I am  in love with someone, I  don’t have to try to think of that person. The object of my love is on my mind constantly. That’s how I want to be with God. And I am on my way to getting there–just thinking of him so much. It is an amazing miracle that I am living in God’s love, and the law of attraction is kicking in so it seems with so many blessings of reconciliation,  healing, abundance starting to come forth, and more and more a peace that passes all understanding. Now, if I am not in that peace, it is so evident. I immediately press into God’s loving arms and explore what I need to do to get back to the peace.

I still remember how I started on this love journey with God. But it starts with a bit of history of not having such a relationship.

I grew up in a loving family with 2 sisters and a brother. My parents were both very active in the church. Since my dad was in the navy, we lived in many different locations mainly in Indiana and San Diego, California. My parents would always find a Methodist Church where they would feel immediately at home–and so would I.  I liked church except for when I was forced to sit through what seemed like endlessly long church services when at about age 9 they decided this would be the best for my soul.

As loving as my parents were, they didn’t always walk their talk at home. My dad had a problem with his temper, and could be wonderfully friendly, funny, and playful one minute and the next minute be enraged.  My mom was pretty passive about it, and I did not respect her. Both of my  parents have pass on–so I think it is okay to share these details.

At age 16 I was a leader in the Methodist Youth Fellowship, a member of the choir, and was about as active in the church as a young person could be. I recall asking one of the youth pastors,  “Why do we have to go through Jesus to get to God? Why can’t we just go straight to God?”  I remember the person being disrespectful and maybe even laughing at me. Whatever his reaction was, it inspired me to withdraw my church membership. I told my parents I was quitting and had a meeting with the pastor. No one made a big deal of it. I was just outta there.

For the next  three decades I searched for my spiritual path. Starting out as an agnostic, I tried Jehovah’s Witnesses, Self Realization Fellowship (Paramahansa Yogananda), Church Universal and Triumphant, and various other paths. I was always drawn to Jesus, and from time to time would connect with Christians or attend a Christian church–but I was always turned off by both the way people treated me (not a lot of warmth and love) as well as the fact that there was just no getting around it-Jesus was the only way to God.  I could not accept that.

I gave my life to Jesus nine years ago when I met people who both appeared to walk their talk and encouraged me to ask questions. Both their loving behavior and the books they lent me that fed my intellect as well as my spiritual hunger inspired me to take the plunge and re-commit my life to Jesus.

But the first 7 years or so were rather dry for me. I kept wanting to be on fire for God and for Jesus–but it just didn’t happen. When very disappointing rejections from these same people who I believed to be walking their talk occurred, I was very disillusioned and disappointed–wanted to withdraw from Jesus as well. But I had cultivated enough of a connection that I could not let go of what I had.

So when I read the book THE SHACK when I was totally in a dark night of the soul situation where I felt so despairing I just wished I could stop living–the light came on in my soul. I finally understood and believed that God loves me so much–and he loves everyone so much–equally.  This book along with listening to The God Journey podcasts really helped me to cultivate a relationship with God based on the fact that he just wants the best for me.

This went along really well with so many of the secular teachings that I had immersed myself in when I attended Jack Canfield’s Self Esteem Seminars over the course of a year. I had the job of coordinating volunteers to produce Jack’s events, so I got to attend everything for free. The whole idea was that if we had good self esteem and loved ourselves, then we could love others as well. This would result in better self image which is self-fulfilling prophecy, and closely related to the law of attraction which Jack promotes now as well.

But the missing ingredient in that teaching was I always had to be working at loving myself. I also needed to focus on myself a lot. This resulted in a lot of self-centeredness as well as a need for approval. The good thing was that I worked on letting go of past traumatic events so that I could love myself and forgive others.  But still–without God the peace and joy that I yearned for was missing. I was still too dependent on people and projects  for my happiness and fulfillment.

So when I realized that throughout the Bible God was revealing himself as a loving God who actually saw me as being very special, it was the greatest revelation. And I have been living loved ever since. My life steadily has been changing for the better.

The greatest thing about living loved is that I don’t have to see things as tests that God is forcing me to pass in order to learn some lesson. What I believe with all my heart is that I sometimes attract those tests because I want to learn some lesson–and God set up the law of attraction so I could attract everything I need in order to become perfect even as he is perfect–as Jesus tells us to be. I know–it seems impossible. But it seems like there has got to be an ultimate goal to shoot for. I really don’t want to shoot for imperfect. But in order to be perfect, I don’t have to try. I don’t even have to stress out when I make a mistake or attract some unpleasant lesson.  Or maybe I am not even attracting the lesson. Unpleasant things happen just because there are hurting people who want to hurt others.

The beauty of the way God set it up is that something good can be made of every situation. Even the serial killer can repent, come to Christ and his testimony be so powerful. Another example is when a young man killed his son, the father forgave the young man and now they go around sharing the gospel with others.  A woman who accused a man of raping her was mistaken. He spent years in jail. When he got out, he forgave her and now they are a team sharing a message of forgiveness. If these and countless other situations can be used for good–anything can be. That is the law of attraction. By focusing on the good that can come out of any situation, that good does come. When something seemingly bad happens to me–it is simply pointless and illogical to fret, get frustrated, worry or get angry. I still do–but more and more I am at peace. No, I am not perfect. Recently I lost my temper over some minor mistakes my former husband and best friend made. I discovered I hadn’t been really letting go of some stuff and looking for the good.

But after reconciling with my former husband we felt closer than ever. He forgave me and I repented and reflected about what I was going through. We came up with some strategies for prevention of the problems. Something good came out of my lost temper.

I was pleased that when the transmission in my van went out, many things fell into place in a very wonderful way, and that is a whole other story.  I did get a bit upset to find that the recommended action was to get a junk yard to tow my van for free and get $50 for it. It sure seemed that I could do better than that. But I accepted that this was the best solution, and found that I just was rather relieved not to have the burden of a vehicle. We are in the process of getting our truck fixed. But in the mean time I am finding all kinds of creative ways to get around which I will use to minimize my driving.  I have not missed any work and had some nice adventures because I didn’t have a car and needed to depend on others for rides.

As I continue this journey of living love, I get so much nourishment from hearing people like Wayne Jacobson and Brad Cumming share conversations on their podcasts on  I also am enjoying hearing Darrin Hufford and friends at  I feel so grateful to my former husband and best friend Robert who supports me on this journey, as well as my children. I yearn to live in a community of people who want to experiment with how it could be to lived loved in an intentional community, and I will continue to develop that vision for our land near Kingston, Arkansas.

I am a bit allergic to church services these days. The encouragement I get from folks I mentioned above is to make all of life a way to connect more deeply to this God who loves me so much, and his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit who dwells within me.

The law of attraction to me is true–and I choose to focus on having a relationship with a loving God. This I believe will attract to me everything that is for my highest good. We have free choice to choose what we want to focus on.  That is why I believe there is evil in the world. Some people have chosen to focus on hurting others and ultimately they will attract to them pain and suffering.  But I choose to focus on love, and so will attract love. And then all these things will be added unto me.

Thanks so much for reading this–I hope you will stay in touch.


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