Is God actively inviting me to enter a relationship with him?

I’ve been doing a spiritual experiment suggested by Rod Pruitt (I highly suggest becoming friends with him). Every day I ask God to help me in four areas. To know without a doubt that I am totally dependent on him for everything. To help me make God my first love, filling all the emotional needs I have. To surrender all to him. And to have the faith to believe that it is possible to have a touchable, tangible, intimate love relationship with him.

So far, so good. It is like I have had this paradigm shift in how I look at things, and my priority has been on the Father and my relationship with Jesus rather than presenting God with my shopping list of needs. I want to have time to write more about this, but for now I am going to share one little incident that struck me as so sweet-when I got extra attention at the IGA grocery store.

Yesterday I was in a hurry trying to get to a gardening job, and there were unusually long lines in IGA. I heard some guys saying, “come over here” over at the pharmacy section. They were motioning and very enthusiastic in their invitation. I said, “me?” and they said, “yes.” I went over, thinking maybe I was in trouble, but all they wanted to do was check out my items.

I didn’t ask them if they were singling me out, or perhaps they wanted to see who might respond. It was a little intimidating to have people shouting at me halfway across the store, but I trusted their good intentions, and I was curious as well. It almost seemed too good to be true, though, that I of all people would be invited to come to a special check out line.

When I went there I said, “I’m surprised you singled me out–I am dressed so shabbily.” The man was the manager of the store I noticed, with his name tag. “Oh, you’re like my wife,” he said. “She thinks no one will wait on her if she isn’t dressed properly. But we don’t care about that.”

So is God like that? Is he enthusiastically waving at us behind every flower and smile and blue sky and welcoming relationship? Is he there behind that hard things too, like a friend who disappoints me, or when my former husband and best friend accidentally pushes my buttons and I have the opportunity to return negative stuff with good, and to give thanks in everything. Is he just calling to us constantly to come to him so we can be truly happy?

Maybe the store manager was having some fun, and wanted to see if anyone would respond. Maybe I wasn’t so special–or maybe we were all special. He would have checked out anyone who responded, I’m sure. I believe with all my heart that God loves us all especially. He is especially fond of each one of us with our unique attributes. Living loved makes all the differences.

I had such a wonderful day yesterday, many things happening that were so uplifting. I had woke up feeling very agitated. When I reviewed the 30 day spiritual experiment, I was reminded that one thing I was to do was not to do anything if I was not in peace about it–but rather go to the father to help me see what I needed to do–just be with him.

Instead of pushing through as I would sometimes do, I waited. I read some uplifting spiritual things and meditated. Seemingly miraculously, without trying, the answer came. It was so simple. And because the answer came, other things fell into place. How I yearn to live my life like this consistently. Trusting in a loving father who only wants the best for me. Relating to Jesus like he is my best friend. Connecting with the indwelling holy spirit who is there to comfort me always. And if I get out of peace, I go to the father. The more I relate to my father on a moment to moment basis, depending on him as if I was taking a trip deep into the Amazon and the only guide I have is a native person who knows his way around the quick sand and the dangerous spots.

I am glad I don’t have to depend on people for my guidance and my happiness. Of course they can give me counsel and I can have fellowship with them, and learn more and more how to love them and see them as the Father loves and sees them. But not having that need to have them fill up the God-shaped vacuum in my heart relieves a lot of pressure and expectations.

I continue to feel grateful to Rod for helping me to understand the importance of focusing on having an intimate, love relationship with God, and making that my first priority. I have heard this teaching over and over–but there was a way that Rod presented it that helped me really grok it.

If you want to try the 30 day spiritual experiment, you can find it at this link. The beginning part is for people who might not even believe in God. If you believe in God, you can skip that part–but I always find it good to see logical reasons why God is real.

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