Christian apologetics: resources

The more I study  my faith, the more I am inspired by those people who rationally study Christianity and find answers to many of my questions. I have studied all religions, as well as writings of people who are against religion. I do my best to be open minded and rational. My faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour grows each day, and my faith in a loving God who loves me and you especially increases as well. I hope you will be willing to explore these sites if you have issues with Christianity.

Resources: Christian Apologetics

Overview of Christian apologetics

Ravi Zacharias

C.S. Lewis

William Lane Craig


Debate between an atheist and a Christian

Josh McDowell

main website

RBC Ministries: Answers to tough questions

Rational Christianity


One thought on “Christian apologetics: resources

  1. I have seen so many debates.

    I know every talking point backwards and forwards. they are always the same ones and they are always so easy to rip down.

    but yes I will explore and tell you why they fall short and break down logically.

    the first links:

    (Overview of Christian apologetics

    Ravi Zacharias

    C.S. Lewis

    Josh McDowell

    I don’t know what I am suppose to be looking at. These are wiki pages and ministry web pages not sources of information or evidence. I can tell you at first glance these are not non-bias scholars they are bias ministers, and authors. Propagandist.

    I guess this should come as no surprise being that in order for you to believe these things the information you would have would be misinformation, but I am sorry to say these people are not presenting evidence or information they are preaching their opinions about what a book says.

    other things like “RBC Ministries: Answers to tough questions” and “Rational Christianity”

    the questions are:

    “Why would a loving God make people suffer in endless agony in hell?”

    “It makes sense that unusually evil people might deserve God’s judgment, but how could normal people deserve eternal punishment?”

    “Why don’t modern people seem worried about hell?”

    These are questions that people who take the bible literally would ask. I don’t believe in a personal exterior deity. That is primitive superstition and misunderstanding the symbolic text. (even the original jewish scrolls had pomegranates on the ends to represent the different layers of poetic meaning.) I happen to know that you can find multiple answers to these questions depending on what gospel you read. Bart Ehrman wrote a really good book on it called “God’s Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question – Why We Suffer ” (an attempt at a provocative title. But it explores the different reasons given for these questions.)

    I don’t have questions. I have answers. It should be you who is the one researching and addressing MY points.

    I thought you were going to be presenting some evidence? This stuff is all rhetoric/propaganda.

    Years ago I made this web page:

    Videos about Christianity.

    There are 91 videos on there. (I had to take some down and stop adding because after a while they wouldn’t fit anymore.) Not all of it is 100% scholarly. But I have listened to all Points of view on this. Some of these videos I could write reviews on their issues as well. (these are just a few of my favorites I have seen way more)

    There are like 12 debates on there.

    lots on history and evolution.

    Bring up any talking point and I know what to say and could give you a 3 videos on it.

    I have done my homework. I’m not an expert but I do understand the subject from all sides. But if I am an expert at anything it would be this subject.

    for this debate:

    I will be at work. Too bad. Although I know what they will say and if you like I can post the refutes to all the apologists arguments if you like. (all so fallacious and never do they present evidence)

    I already have it all written.

    Just a cut and paste away.

    Peace and Love, david

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