Things are looking up even though so much seems down

I have not posted on this blog for months and I am eager to share what has happened in my life, hoping that it will bless and encourage you who are reading this. In this article I share some practical hints on keeping your spirits up. Soon I will be posting on this blog articles about cheap natural tooth care and easy ways to keep your brain happy.

I have reached the depths of despair because there is so much I want to do and don’t do. I have become discouraged because money does not flow as fast as I would like, and that it seems like the pressure keeps mounting to pay essential bills like keeping my phone and car going, or buying healthy food.

I have given in to fear to a certain extent, but this time I believe it has been different because I have recognized that fear is not from God. I realize that God made my brain to work in joy and hope and services–he did not give me a spirit of fear. And so even though I have had emotional release and near panic attacks (something I have not experienced before), Robert has been able to be centered enough to help me through them, and we have not attacked each other. To me, it has been worth it all to have this seemingly unbearable pressure to experience that Robert and I could work through this in harmony. Even though we are no longer married, we are more connected and mutually supportive than we have ever been. We are true friends and I feel so grateful that we have both come to a place that we actually stated simply in our marriage vows, that we would be “us against the problem, not me against you.”

I was also able to draw upon our local time bank, Fayetteville Community Exchange and receive moral support from a person. Knowing that I was participating in our time bank made it easier for me to reach out, and easier for Arden to reciprocate.

I have also been using some tips from the book, FLIP THE SWITCH.  This book presents itself as being about fat burning all the time, but the results from the simple steps you can take hourly is clear and positive thinking.Here are just a few habits that can help: Move every thirty minutes.  Get as much light as possible. Get more oxygen. Drink more water and healthy fluids. Rise up and stand tall. Turn down the heat. Stay calm. (the minute you notice tension creeping up, find ways to relax). Nip stress in the bud. Get good quality rest. Exercise regularly.   I intend to write more about this in another article–but for now, I hope you will write this list down and put it on your refrigerator!

I know without a doubt that my brain operates better when it is operating properly, and there are many things including prayer that I can do to help it stay on track. I saw a great program about the brain and saw a visual example of the neuropathways that looked like a tree. Now when I notice I am going down a certain track of thinking, I can more easily take thoughts captive because I know so clearly that I don’t want to go down that well-beaten, familiar path. Rather, I want to make new paths, new habits.

I was in a panic that money wasn’t going to be available, but I took every step possible to be positive, reach out to others, pray, heal relationships, develop a strategy to ask for work, and  so forth. Work is forthcoming and money has come in from an ebay item that has sold. I reached out to an accomplished Christian Coach and asked for free services, and he has said he would help me out and has given me some valuable tools that he normally sells. I have been connecting with followers of Jesus in a way that is very nurturing and helpful. Mahriyanna and I have done a great deal of healing and bonding during the nine days we spent together (longer than we have ever been together). People have shared with me that my children and I have been encouraging to them. So many good things happening, and I feel energized and ready to go to the next level.

My prayer is that I will be praying unceasingly, always connected to Abba Father,  hearing His voice and working together with Him to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a world that desperately needs agape love.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope to hear what you thought about my writing.


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