Cheap and natural Ways to heal your teeth and gums

This invaluable information comes form Michael Brown who has had problems with his teeth for the past thirteen years and has found excellent results from using these simple remedies.

1. Teaspoon of cinamon a day will reduce craving for sugar. This will help you to reduce or eliminate drinking soda pop and other sugary items that hurt teeth and gums.

2. Place a teaspoon of epsom salts in your mouth and let sit as long as you can stand it. Swish with water to remove the salts. Do not swallow the epsom salts.

3. Green Tea: Make a mouth wash by steeping ten bags in a quart of water. Swish throughout the day, keeping the tea in your mouth as long as possible then swallow the tea. Green tea has lots of antioxidents, is good for your brain, and kills bacteria. You can use any kind of green tea, including Lipton which is available for as little as 6 cents a bag.Also, get in a habit of drinking green tea–less strong. But don’t drink on an empty stomach–you might get nauseous.

4. Night time ritual. PLace  1/2 capsule of golden seal in each cheek. Put a dab of peppermint oil on your tongue. Take two tablets of calcium with magnisium. Crush in teeth a little so that it gets into the tissue. Let it stay in your mouth as you sleep.

5. Get as much vitamin D as possible through sun light. You can also get a vitamin D 3 supplement.

6. Massage gums vigorously and regularly, at least once a day with a piece of cotton cloth like t shirt material, towel or wash cloth. It does does something similar as dry brushing by stimulating the blood flow which brings healing.

7. Eat a clove of garlic at night. Crunch on the clove a little to alert your stomach to secrete digestive enzymes, and swallow the clove or cut up pieces as you wish.

8. Massage gums with tea tree oil and peppermint oil. use your finger, and also you can use the broken edge of a tooth pick to get the oil close to your teeth between tooth and gum. (this hint came from Richard Orr).


2 thoughts on “Cheap and natural Ways to heal your teeth and gums

  1. Nonsense.

    First, I am not a doctor and am not in a position to advise you in the capacity of a professional, taking a large salary and paying a dividend for insurance. I am simply relating my own direct experiences and that of friends and family who I have directly coached through some problems.

    That said…
    Three days of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) mega-doses, will heal the gums, infections AND will absolutely heal an abscess tooth, allowing you to skip the a root canal indefinitely. If it reinfects at a later time, 3 more days of C will do the job. I have done so, advised so, and seen success every time.

    Amount of dose should be approximately 50 grams daily for an adult. If taken orally in powder form, I recommend consuming it with orange juice, as OJ has some natural ingredient which serves to buffer the harsh effects of Ascorbic Acid.

    Avoid rose hips or timed release capsules. Pure powder is ideal if you can not take it intravenously.

    Taking it orally, Diarrhea is a definite side effect. When large doses of Ascorbic Acid enter the body through the stomach, it tends to kill off bacteria which works in the bowels. It causes a “cleansing”. It is also a powerful acid, and can upset your stomach, so be prepared. The harsh effects tend to wear off about an hour after taking a mega-dose.

    Although it can be uncomfortable, it is water soluble and not dangerous in high doses. On the three days regiment, pain ceases almost immediately following consumption of the first days 50 grams (50,000mg). Most infections, even severe ones should heal in just under 3 days.

    Unfortunately, mainstream dentistry does not promote this option. Certainly, it is difficult to promote a cheap, un-patentable option, when there are expensive drugs and industry who claim to have the answers. But loosing a tooth is a poor option in my estimation, it is far better to heal the tooth (teeth) and keep it for a few more years.

    Other notes:
    Vitamin C appears to be wholly ineffective against common colds and viruses.

    It has been reported that all mammals with the exception of Guinea Pigs and Human Beings produce Vitamin C in their bodies. That when a fox gets wounded or infected, Ascorbic Acid production in the body can jump from a low daily amount of 10 grams to soar past 90 grams daily.

    It stands to reason, as well as testing, that animals in the wild get venomous bites, wounds, cuts, infections, bacteria, live in dirt, don’t take medicine, bathe properly, or sterilize anything.

    C production is apparently a primary reason we don’t find animals getting infected as easily as we do in the wild.

    Direct experience:
    I have also successfully tested Ascorbic Acid (50g/day x 3 days) on Brown Recluse spider bites, as well as for eliminating blood poisoning (much larger dose, over 100 g/daily for 5 days).

    It appears to be extremely effective at destroying various forms of bacteriological infections in the body.

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