A gift of a car battery…a demonstration of Christ’s love

I have had an unreliable car battery for about four months. I have not prioritized buying a new battery. In fact, I haven’t even had it checked until today! It has been a kind of adventure–all the times I have needed to get my car jump started–about thirty times all together I think. Some by strangers, some by friends and relatives. Sometimes at very inconvenient times, but mostly at times when it wasn’t so bad.

Last night I was at Arsaga’s working hard on the computer–mostly promoting the local Time Bank we are starting, and studying teachings of followers of Christ. I suspected that the musicians might be Christians, and over heard conversations that included words like “baptism” and “sermon”. I found out after the concert was over that all the musicians, which featured Matt Knoble, were on the worship team from Pinnacle Church. (I think that is the name) I really liked the music a lot, by the way.

When I went to start my car, the battery was dead. I had noticed one guy who seemed particularly warm and friendly, so I asked him if he would help me out. He was more than willing, and quickly pulled his car next to mine. I found out his name was Joel, and his companion was Samuel. I told him that I often had trouble with my battery.

After the car was running, Joel said, “I notice that your battery is rather old. And, it is going to be cold pretty soon. That is going to be really hard on you. Would you allow me to buy you a new battery?”

I was a bit shocked. But I quickly recovered and said, “sure!”

They followed me to Walmart where we found a battery. They bought it and even got a tool so they could put it in. The bolts would not give, even with some coke poured on them, and I encouraged them to give up since I knew my partner would be able to easily install it.

I found out that Joel is on staff at Pinnacle Church doing videography and in charge of a newly formed college ministry. I look forward to offering some ideas for how young people can reach out to their community and be the hands and feet of Jesus–including Time Banks and Saturday Night Alive, free concerts and worship but on by Hope Chapel

I love telling everyone I talk to about the miracle that occurred last night. It has encouraged Robert, my partner very much. I told a man at a produce stand and he charged me almost half price, saying, “If someone helped you buy a battery I can give you a deal, too!” My battery died again today, but I easily recharged it by jumping my old battery with the new one. Amazing! I even told one of my gardening clients about the story. I knew that she goes to the same church, and she knew Joel! I love spreading positive rumors:)

People love to hear about the love of Christ being shared in this way. I am grateful to Joel and Samuel for their help, and for the love of Christ that Joel shared in a very tangible way. My car, which I call Esther, will be happy to have a dependable battery, and I will be reminded every time my car starts how very much God loves me and how I can trust in him for my every need.


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