How God uses suffering to draw people to Himself

I really, really enjoyed this article that resonates with my heart about how God uses but does not cause suffering to help draw people to Him. I hope you will read the whole article..but here is a sample:

There is a fine line, that we dare not cross, between saying God permits something to happen, and God causes something to happen. In times of natural calamity or in cases of man’s inhumanity to man, God can and will and does use these events to draw men to Himself, and He will often directly intervene in these events in order to minimize, or otherwise reduce, the negative impact such events may have. It is presumptuous to think that He sends such events upon the world today in order to “pour out” His wrath. To claim otherwise is be inconsistent with this season of God’s dealings. To attribute the evil acts of evil men to something God is doing to teach us a lesson is to grossly mischaracterize and misrepresent God, and it ought to stop.

Read more here


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