Ways to publicize in NW Arkansas

Here is a great list I was given–I hope this helps you publisize your next event.
Mullins Library
Ozark Smokehouse
The Fayetteville and Springdale Public Library
Nightbird Books
Arsaga’s Greg and Mission & Crossover
Petra Café
Ozark Natural Foods
The Perk
Bulletin Boards in Kimpel
Farmer’s Market-flier hand out
Myspace page
Facebook Page
Individuals/email listservs
Terri Chadick’s website terri@lifepluskids.com
Vilma Dominguez vilma@rogerslowell.com
(Chamber of Commerce)
Office for Nontraditional/off campus students
Sylivia Scott sscott@uark.edu
Angie Dean <angie@arkansasheritage.org> Arkansas Arts Council Calendar Listing
Blog Spot
Sarah E. Lewis sel01@uark.edu
Sang Valley Association leader and arts advocate
NWA Kids Guide pam@nwakidsguide.com
Clear Channel
Public Service Announcement
4209 Frontage Road
Fayetteville, AR  72703
Please note: Clear Channel reviews all submissions for appropriateness before airing and posting on the calendar and reserves the right to edit any submission for time and space and does not promise that all submissions will be posted or aired.  If there is an error in posted information on this page please send the correct information to Duce Foreman.
Fayetteville Public Schools
Springdale Chamber of Commerce http://www.springdale.com/
KUAF Community Calendar-kuaf.org
The Democrat Gazette-Date book Cyd King-cking@arkansasonline.com
NWA Scoop
The Morning News: bmartin@nwaonline.net
University of Arkansas Office of Affirmative Action Comm. Calendar
the morning news bmartin@nwaonline.net

CitiScapes Community Calendar calendar@citiscapes.com 4 weeks before the first of the month that the event takes place. Include brief event description, dates and times, admission, location and a telephone number.
Kids Directory nwakids@cox.net Shirley Rather
phartma@uark.edu KUAF Public Service Announcements
Events and activities-Northwest Arkansas Times
Tyson newsletter Kristal.Ashmore@tyson.com
I will include your events each month if you just want to send them a month in advance
Sarah Lewis <sel01@uark.edu>


2 thoughts on “Ways to publicize in NW Arkansas

  1. Love your web site, love the way you express love and helping others, not by mandatory but by opportunities. Don’t have any problems with what I read except not bearing arm. Just a view point and I know you have looked into this. Just for your information. Hal
    1. This is a divisive subject—country & home are divided. 2. Liberals say all guns should be removed from society. Only professionals should have them—police, military, etc. 3. Whenever a gun is involved a crime, it receives national attention. 4. Politically correct organizations have succeeded– in many peoples minds– with their efforts to demonize all guns, shooting sports, & hunting events.
    5. But what does the Bible say?

    THE BIBLE SAYS: LK 11:21-23 MATT 10:34-36 LUKE 11:17
    1. Weapons are to be used in defensive ways to keep his palace—to protect liberty—provide safety—to provide peace for his household. Lk 11:21
    2. Others use weapons in offensive ways to cross his threshold– overcome him– take away his defensive capability– take away his families’ goods. Lk 11:22
    3. Jesus said you are either with me in this matter or against me. Lk 11:23
    4. Jesus’ teachings often bring division, but households are terribly weakened by division.Matt 10:34-36 Lk 11:17

    THE BIBLE SAYS: I SAM 13:17-21 GEN 14:14-20 LK 22:35
    II SAM 1:17-18 PSA 144:1 LK 11:21 MATT 26:47-52
    JOSH 4:12-13; 6:7-9 LEV 17:13 PRO 12:27
    1. TO PROMOTE PEACE—Israel was disarmed—thought to be weak by their enemies. They took their farm implements in view of the Philistines to show them that they were armed. They did not want trouble—arms help to keep the peace. I Sam 13:17-21
    2. TO DEFEND OUR FAMILIES—Lawful use of weapons by God-fearing individuals. Governments have mad war against civilians—Lot was taken captive. Abraham responded in correct Christian manner. Armed his trained servants born in his home. Where did he get the arms?? He had them. When did they learn how to use them??? He taught them. Abraham met Melchizedek after the battle—BLESSED HIM. God was pleased. He used his arms in the right way to protect his family. Gen 14:14-20
    3. TO DEFEND OURSELVES— Jesus sent them out. He was there to protect them. Now, he was soon to leave—when they go out, get a weapon—more important than clothes they were to wear—JESUS HAD TO DIE—THEY DID NOT. The presence of a weapon is to deter crime. Lk 22:35
    17% of healthcare facilities caused harm & death. You are 1000 times more likely to suffer harm or death in doctor’s office than in a home with a gun.
    DEFEND THE DEFENSELESS—Philistines were trying to annihilate Israel, especially the Tribe of Judah. David the “man after God’s own heart” said each the children how to handle the bow—most advanced weapon of the day. II Sam 1:17-18
    A. 71% of Americans believe gun violence not due to availability of gun but failure of parents to teach children proper gun handling.
    4B. Bible teaches to teach our hands how to war & fight. Psa 144:1
    5. TO DEFEND OUR POSSESSIONS—. A strong man arms himself to defend his castle.Lk 11:21
    B. Some say let the professionals do it—Jesus said “he who takes up the sword will die by the sword.
    ” Look at Scripture more carefully.
    C. Note the following truths in context: (1) A group has opposed Jesus & disciples armed with weapons. (2) Judas betrayed Jesus. (3) It was the will of God that Jesus suffer & die on the cross. (4) God’s will for the people to take Jesus. (5) Not God’s will for the disciples or others to die. (6) Jesus told Peter to put his sword up again in his place. – at Peter’s side. Matt 26:47
    “Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”—they would die. Matt 26:52
    6. TO DEFEND YOUR HERITAGE——Note that before anyone else crossed Jordan River—before the Ark –priests—or anyone—armed men went first. Could not God protect without a weapon— do not tempt the Lord—freedom comes from armed people trained to use their weapons. Josh 4:12-13; 6:7-9
    A. All game that is taken while hunting is to be drained of blood before consumption. God’s people were not to leave blood in food. Lev 17:13
    B. God’s people are to consume what is harvested and not be lazy or slothful in the harvest of wild game. “Property taken, property cared for” became a valuable part of any man’s substance. Eat what you kill.
    Pro 12:27

    A weapon can protect your home & family—but it cannot save your soul. A Gun cannot turn alcoholics into decent people or restore a marriage. Sin is a reproof on any people.Guns cannot cover your sinful past—only the Blood of Jesus can do that.

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