Keeping agreements in order to stay energized and healthy

Is keeping agreements good for your health? I did a quick google search and couldn’t find proof, but I am guessing that keeping agreements is one of the best ways to stay energized, and breaking agreements tends to drain energy.

The problem with breaking agreements is that often I break agreeements because I am not really taking the agreement seriously. I say I will do something, but don’t write it down. I forget. I don’t follow up. Then I make excuses like:

“Hardly anyone follows through–why should I?”

“They won’t even notice.”

“They won’t care that much.”

“What they don’t know won’t hurt them.”

“It is just too hard.”

Now I realize that at times we need to break agreements, but it is important that I do so in a way that is as nurturing as possible. Just being able to communciate my regret is important. I want to do my best to only make agreements when I can commit to keep them.

Ever since I learned at age 26 the importance of identifying my values and then living in congruence with those values–I have really done my best to do what I say i will do. I find that the more busy I get, the more I spread myself too thin, the more I tend to make excuses as to why I am not doing so well in keeping my agreements.

I feel like a sieve with lots of holes. Every broken agreement is like a hole where my energy goes. Emotions such as fear, hurt, sadness, irritation tend to drain me of energy when I let people down. Of course people may be disappointed in me because I say, “no”, but it is better to say no than to make an agreement and then need to break it.

So I am re-committing to keep my energy high and alive, and to keep my agreements, and take them seriously. Every thought I make is an agreement to either live in love or not in love–and so I want to keep the agreement to live in love all the time by every thought I choose. When I think thoughts that are not comitted to love, I choose to look at what is keeping me from thinking thoughts of love.

Keeping agreements with others is a commitment to love others. I can commit to God and myself also–and love myself and God so much that I want to honor those agreements.

When I break agreements, I will grieve and learn why I broke it.

I am looking forward to feeling clearer, more joyful, more innocent, and more energized as I keep agreements.

I hope this helps you!


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