Having “church” at the organic fertilizer place, Nitron

Nitron is a fabulous place in the tiny town of Johnson which is next to Fayetteville, Arkansas. They have organic fertilizers which even commercial landscapers get by the truckload or the bag. I was fortunate that one of my landscaping clients wanted all of the space fertized with organic fertilizer. I am getting ready to do that in a few minutes.

The last time I went to Nitron I immediately had a deep conversation with one of the workers who I had met when we were in the Ron Paul movement. She recognized me since I was the coordinator of the Ron Paul meetup, and we started talking about very deep subjects including spirituality.

We planned on connecting again, but I have been super busy and have not prioritized calling her. But another worker at Nitron told me this story.

“The other worker was really excited about her conversation with you. That day she went to Wal Mart to shop, and she forgot her debit card. The woman behind her gave her $40. Sara was so excited especially when the woman said, “God works in mysterious ways.”

I was practically in tears because I knew this person was having a hard time feeling God’s love, and to have that immediate confirmation was so beautiful.

Then a guy came in and I asked him if he believed that God loves everyone equally. He said he wasn’t sure and we had a great discussion about the character of God. He shared how some relatives were having a baby, and the doctor diagnosed the child in the womb as having a hole in her lung which would have to be operated on when the child was born. Every prayer network in Arkansas was activated, and after two visits the doctor said the hole had completely healed. He said he had nerver seen such a thing.

I asked one worker about his Swastika tatoos–what they meant to him. I discovered that we had much in common, and he was so eager to share his views.

I asked one other worker if he thought God was crazy about him, and he said yes.

It was fun–just sharing spirituality in a common place, simple setting. I hope to connect with all these people since I got contact information-maybe we will find ourselves at the same community gathering sharing our hearts once again.

“Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I,” says Jesus. I believe Jesus was very present and all were uplifted.


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