If I had a magic wand…

I am imagining God being like a parent to me. He is saying to me, “if I had a magic wand, I would grant you all your desires. I understand that you yearn for so much in your life. But I don’t have a magic wand. I gave you and many others free will. I yearn to help you–but you have to learn to co-create with me.”

This learning to co-create with my dear Papa God is so difficult. Yet I do believe that the first step is getting in touch with my heart felt desires and laying them down–surrendering them to Papa who wants only the best for me. I ask that you only give me those things that are for my highest good. I am doing my best to trust that you love me so much that you only give me what I need right now.

Here are my yearnings…

To spend more time with family living life-doing music, working in the garden, building, planting an orchard, writing with my kids about their experiences of having the unique life they have.

To start a band that my whole family would be in, and other friends. To sing songs and share messages that uplift. Give practical ideas and inspiration so that people can have hope.

To know once and for all about the truth of who Jesus is and how much of the bible is truth.

To be part of a community where we live together in both town and country and serve, love each other, empower each other to do a ministry of helping parents be more nurturing to their children.

Start a coalition of parents who are on the leading edge of changing the way we parent from authoritarian to grace-filled.

To write a book about grace-filled parenting that appeals to Christians and non-christians alike

To support my daughter in doing a  campaign to inspire people to be vegetarians–something she wants to do.

To support my son in having a band that really makes a difference in getting out a message of hope and purity.

To make a blog that incorporates and organizes into a very easily accessible model the ideas of grace-filled parenting so that anyoen can easily get started, and get support.

To incorporate every single idea I have ever had about networking and promoting into the spreading of grace-filled parenting.

To have a learning center in my home where lots of people can come and the home is supported because it is like a community center.

to make a living doing some of the above things as well as do workshops, talks, and coaching in parenting.

To be able to totally quit all my regular jobs and focus on the above goals. To either be able to trust for our bills to be paid, or have a substantial gift so that we can pay our bills for a year while i work on this.

to be a great mentor to my friend Taina and serve as a model for others who are wanting help in parenting.

To clean the house where I am housesitting before the person comes home.

To completely heal my relationship with Robert.

To feel a sense of unconditional love towards everyone and every atom and God every moment.

To teach others to do the same.

I bet there are more, but that is good for now!


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