Reconnecting with Joyce Meyers, Christian preacher who I used to dislike intensely

I have been listening to Joyce Meyers, a Christian preacher who has an international ministry, for about twelve hours in the past three days while I have been working on cleaning an empty office building. I love these jobs because I can listen to inspiring stuff and make money at the same time.

I have cut myself off from Joyce Meyers for many years because I heard her talk about how she loves to pick out the perfect clothes for herself–and jewelry, too. She also seemed loud and obnoxious. (My, what judgements I had of her–sorry, I’m having a hard time translating into nonviolent communication language.)I had such a prejudice about this that I shut out her words of truth completely. I am house sitting for a friend who had three of Joyce’s tape series, and she encouraged me to listen to them. At first I was reluctant, but I thought, “why not.”

I think that perhaps Joyce and I have both grown. She rarely talks about material possessions and shopping. I am guessing she got some good feedback from people who realize that a lot of people are just trying to get by, and we don’t need to know about her stupid stories about shopping for the perfect outfit. Okay, I usually don’t say stupid–so you can see this is pretty distressful for me and I promise I will work on that!

I will be writing more about why I enjoy Joyce so much, and am deeply inspired by her. But for now I want to go to a new blog and do what she suggested that I do every day. Spend time with God. I figured that if I spent time with God on my blog writing, I would be motivated. I have a really hard time just sitting and being alone with God because often my mind wanders. If I write by hand in a journal, I get distracted. But there is something about this computer that keeps me focused. So I am going to try it. Thanks, Joyce, for inspiring me to have quiet time with God before I start my day.


One thought on “Reconnecting with Joyce Meyers, Christian preacher who I used to dislike intensely

  1. I hadn’t heard much good about her either, but recently I listened to some of her latest podcasts and thought everything she said made sense. Inspiring!

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