I am attracting what I need by being in a state of Agape love

I hope that this article inspires you to join me in my Agape love experiment by giving a concrete example of how looking through the eyes of agape love gave me the financial relief I desperately needed.

I have embarked on a grand experiment this past week where for the first time in my life I consistently was able to look at everything that happened to me as something to be grateful for. I could do this by seeing all things that were happening to me and others as either requests or offerings of love. When an action was one that did not please me, I could see it as a tragic request or offer of love, and therefore then have compassion. I could almost immediately go into my heart and feel love, and send prayers and positive energy. I felt closer to Jesus than ever, for I am inclined to believe that as I align myself with the way he responds to life, then I am more receptive to his guidance and love.

I want to share right now just some of the things  that I felt grateful for during the  past week since I wrote my statement of faith and made a commitment to live with this attitude of seeing life through agape eyes. This attitude, along with just feeling so close to Jesus, has made all the difference.

I feel so happy because  last Sunday, when I had my revelation of agape seeing, I had zero money. I was actually depending on two people to follow through on their commitments to have me work so that I could put money in the bank to cover checks I had written for necessities. I knew I could always hock my guitar or borrow money from  someone to cover the small amount that I was negative, so I was willing to take that risk.

I knew I could always hock my guitar or borrow money from  someone to cover the small amount that I was negative, so I was willing to take that risk. But the amazing and beautiful part was that once I looked through agape eyes, I did not worry about my finances. I even had the energy to send notices out to all my friends requesting work–but I did it with such love that I did not feel the guilt I usually do when I call or email people telling them I need work. I have fears that people will see me as being a person who only wants support, but who doesn’t offer it.

There were three reasons that my guilt disappeared. First I sent each message, even if it was in a group mail, with lots of love from my heart. Second, I offered a free gift of a seven minute consultation to help them solve any problem. (I can do a lot in seven minutes!) And I knew without a doubt that even if anyone judged me for some reason–I was not that person. I have done huge amounts for the community at various times. Right now I have decided to prioritize supporting my family financially over community service since I am the main “breadwinner” for now.

By being able to let go of the fear of what others thought, three things happened:

1. I was able to more easily send out love from my heart to the recipients

2. I ended up getting jobs that have kept me busy all week and I am starting to schedule this coming week with continued responses to my request

3. The tone of my letter was not desperate and needy, but rather loving and giving. I think this inspired people as well.

Here are some of the concrete  results of sending out requests for work to people all over the country. I decided to reach out to friends and acquaintances outside of the area since I now offer phone consultations in parenting and Agape Communication coaching. (Soon I hope to be on skype using a web cam so that we can see each other!)

1. A certified instructor of Nonviolent Communication has requested that I produce a CD and DVD using music and games to teach kids NVC.

2. An excellent web master gave me a ton of excellent feedback on my website http://www.simplifiedliving.info which my partner Robert said was very useful.

3. I reconnected with my dear friend Taina when she called me to ask me to work for her and with her cleaning her house. I felt over joyed to discover how we have each continued to grow in our walk with Jesus and have such similar values. I look forward to writing more about that experience later.

4. I received prayers and encouragement from several people which really touched my heart.

I am convinced without a shadow of a doubt that when Jesus says, “Don’t worry,” he isn’t telling us to deny our feelings of fear, concern. We need to work through those feelings and understand what the gift is behind them. But if I can stay in a state of joy even when my check book balance is in the negative, then I am more able to be creative, loving and proactive.

The more I  stay in this vibration of  agape love, the more I am attracting those things which I need to survive and thrive. When Jesus says, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall me added unto you,” he is right. If we seek to live according to universal principles (righteousness) and living in a state of Agape love (the kingdom of God), then amazing things can happen.I am excited to see what will happen as I increase the depth of living in Agape love.

I really hope this article has blessed you. I would love to hear your response.


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