Ask and ye shall receive–the power of a request.

I was a little reluctant to ask my friend and organizing client Susan if I could stay in her house while she was gone. She had asked me if I could water her plants for her during her absence, and my immediate thought was that her beautiful home would be a most nurturing retreat-like setting for me. But since she hadn’t said I could stay in her home, I imagined there might be a whole host of reasons why she might say no, including the cost of air conditioning.

But living with Agape ears gives me confidence that if I receive a “no” to my request, I don’t need to take it personally. Nor do I need to fear that I will somehow offend the person I am asking. I have decided that it is important that everyone feels free to ask for what they want–as long as it is a request. In this way we can all better serve each other, and enjoy the great feelings that come when we contribute to the well being of others. So when she said yes, I was so happy!

Since I live in an RV with no internet connection, no running water and not much space to do things like dance and do yoga, I really enjoy staying at other people’s homes. Since I live so simply, and most of my possessions that I daily need are in my van anyway, it is an easy transition for me.

The first thing I did when I came to her home was to watch the movie, JOSHUA. Susan recommended this film about Jesus coming to a contemporary setting, and I am so glad she shared this with me. I will be reveiwing it soon because it is the most inspiring film I have ever seen.

Well, thanks, Susan, for letting me stay here. Your plants will be well watered. Your mail will be taken care of. Your house will be nice and clean when you get back. And we both win because I was willing to ask for what I wanted!


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