The health care issues bore me

I feel compelled to write about what seems to be the most talked about single issue besides things like Michael Jackson dying that I have ever heard. It monopolizes the news and I even saw protesters on the street today as I drove to work. I rarely watch TV, so I’m not sure what is happening there, but I suspect the topic is covered there as well.

Perhaps I don’t feel so much compelled as obligated to write about this topic, because I just want to write about living in the garden of agape love. So how does this relate? I’m actually getting a little more interested.

I realize I feel irritated because there is so little talked about living in such a way that we don’t need doctors so much. I have yet to hear anyone speak about having health care that just covered accidents, so that people who took care of themselves wisely could benefit from their efforts.

Cliff, my former husband, Robert, present partner,  twenty year old son, my thirteen year old daughter and I can count on my 2 hands the times we saw a MD in the past thirty years. Since our children were born at home with midwives assisting, we had no need to for doctors. Robert is well versed in natural medicine and has been able to treat his family’s maladies including his own with great success. We eat healthy, whole foods with a high percentage of raw as much as possible. We exercise, express our emotions in constructive ways as much as possible, laugh, cry, and spend lots of time outside. All of these things help boost our immune systems.

Sometimes I think I live on a different planet when it comes to health care.  Yet at the same time, this is a growing field as people discover that doctors, hospitals and drug companies often don’t  have their best interests at heart. I feel encouraged when Robert tells me that natural health is the fastest growing field in internet marketing.

So why is there still so much ado about traditional health care?

I will just need to work on feeling grateful that I met Cliff when I was twenty, and he introduced me to natural healing. I will feel grateful that I met Robert fifteen years later who was passionate about holistic healing and continues to develop his skills and knowledge in that field. I will feel grateful that I lived in California where you were weird if you ate junk food. I want to see people who  think that traditional health care as being helpful as ones who are doing the best they can with the information they have. The American Medical Association certainly has suppressed much helpful information, and even persecuted those who wanted a different way. I had to go to cancer clinics located in Mexico to demonstrate the Norwalk Juicer becasue those clinics were not allowed in the US.

I hope and pray that I will have more time to write about natural healing, including the healing power of clay, and that I can inspire people to look at healing and health in a way that will help make most traditional medical care obsolete.


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