How I am going to implement my statement of faith so I can live it out

I love the word agape…the early Christians defined it as the highest form of love—unconditional love. it is my goal in life to experience agape love every moment—with every breath, thought, word, action…and inspire others to do the same. Nice to have finally found my purpose just two weeks before my fifty fifth birthday on August 23, 2009 Here is what I wrote on August 9, 2009 which was the day I had my revelation.

Now that I have my clear purpose, I have many tools and ways of looking at things that have helped me to get this far. I think it is a matter of putting them all together intelligently that will help me to live out my purpose.

Prayer is foundational. Talking to Jesus or Papa God is really helpful. Being real.  Asking for what I need. Requesting help. Seeking guidance. Asking what he wants. Crying out for those who are suffering. Learning how to pray unceasingly and be in the presence of God as love is something I have been trying to do for many years. I think I just need to get a timer that beeps every minute to remind me…it is so easy to forget.

I really want to get in the habit of morning disciplines–bible study, meditation, stretching,  exercise, journaling, praying. I have the hardest time with this–I will be praying about it!

It sure helps to have a belief that our creator God is love and that our Creator  loves us. Please read this to get some inspiration about that topic

This video offers some great suggestions about agape communication—I think non-violent communication adds a whole bunch more tools to the box…but this is a nice start.

Nonviolent Communication as taught by Marshall Rosenberg has been an infinitely valuable process for me to help keep my attention on my goal of living in a state of Agape Love all the time. I have used this model for twenty years, starting when I was pregnant with my son, Chris. I look forward to sharing stories about how nurturing this method of inspiring people to contribute to each other’s well being has been, especially in my relationships with my twenty year old son, Chris, and my thirteen year old daughter, Mahriyanna.

Unschooling, attachment parenting,, healthy,diet, lots of outdoors experiences, living in mostly rural environments, following Jesus Way of love—all of these have helped me to live in a natural state of agape love with my children for 98% of the time we are together.  It has been harder for me to do this with other people, including my former husband, Cliff, and present partner, Robert. I am learning that in order to truly love all people, I can only do this “through Christ who strengthens me” and the Holy Spirit living within me. I never have done it just on my own.

It seems like my biggest hang up with getting along with other people is wanting them to treat me as I want to be treated. If they don’t, then all kinds of unhappy feelings result and often I make demands which leads to being angry more times than I enjoy.  Well, I have decided that I can love people no matter how they are treating me. I can choose to draw boundaries. Yet I can still want only the best for them. I dream of finding an ever growing circle of people with whom to commune with, who are also committed to living in agape love all the time and learning together how to learn skills that help us to express that love, and remove blocks that keep us from loving unconditionally. I envision a day when I am part of a community where we love each other and everyone so wonderfully that people will be inspired to want to know how we do it. And we will be ready to share!

Re-evaluation counseling methods have been really useful to remove the blocks by helping to get rid of distress that is built up from even in the womb.

Always doing my best to follow my dreams and do what I love to do has been immensely important.

Open Space Technology is a fantastic way of bringing people together. It prevents conflicts by giving people freedom to pursue their passions within the boundaries of shared values. It creates an environment where people can discover their mutual goals, and how they can use their gifts and talents to cooperatively achieve those goals.

The book, THE SHACK,  has been the most useful writing I have ever read to help me have an experience of God’s love. I feel happy that it has been a number one best seller for many months and now is still number three. Not bad for a self-published book that was intended just to be an inspiration for William P. Young’s children. It has helped me to see people through God’s eyes—all equally and especially loved by our “papa” creator God. Reading this book reminds me of how much God loves me.

Green Smoothies have helped me to save time and assimilate my food better…so that helps me communicate in a more loving way because I feel better, and am not so rushed.

The Love Letter as taught by John Gray is a  great way to keep clear of angry feelings. I can write it to my partner or to anyone I feel anger towards.

Dancing, singing, playing volleyball, swimming…all these things bring me great joy and peace–and I want to do these more.

Spending time in service to others, and spending time with my family and friends….conversing, playing, helping, listening, eating, living ….sharing life together helps  me stay balanced. It is easy to love my friends and family for the   most part

I know there is a ton more I could share…but it is aalmost 5am and I’ve got to get some sleep! I would love to hear how you stay in agape love–please do share.


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