Reading THE SHACK for the fourth time

When I get discouraged and start questioning “Does God really want the best for me and everyone?” I re-read THE SHACK. I get reminded about how much God wants to be intimately involved with my daily life, and how I yearn to really feel that presence which is always there, inviting me to be present.

I love the analogy of how we are like sailboats. All we have to do is put up our sails, and we can receive the wind of God that is always blowing. But if we choose to not put the sail up–we won’t go anywhere–except of course if we decide to row the boat!

Everything I read points me to the strong possibility that how we view the world will affect how we live. If I live as if I am loved, then I will see the good, expect that even in the challenges something good will happen. If I live as if God loves me especially, and everyone especially, (no favorites), then I am relieved from the great pressure of thinking I am better or worse than others. If the law of attraction is true, these kinds of thoughts will attract to me only good. Even seemingly bad situations are good. And the more I focus on living loved, I believe the more I will attract people who love me, who I can cooperate with. The more I can live loved, the more I will be joyful, positive, magnetic, and the community of my dreams can come true.

It is always fun to ask people what they think about THE SHACK. Most people love it if they read it. Many say they want to read it. Others say they heard someone say they really liked it. It is hopeful to me that many are embracing the message of THE SHACK. I feel hopeful that we can help bring the kingdom of God on earth, despite the headlines.

When I was at the health food store a few days ago, I took THE SHACK with me. I know, as a follower of Jesus, I am “supposed” to cling to the bible when I am in distress. But I cling to THE SHACK. There, the message of Jesus love for me comes alive. The Bible often seems flat and meaningless. I love the clear teachings of Jesus–but there is so much that is confusing and cloudy. THE SHACK distills the essence of loving God and loving neighbor and loving self (after all if we are told to “love our neighbor as yourself”  it is clear that I am to love myself) This lovely book helps me remember the importance of forgiveness of everyone–the message of agape, unconditional love for everyone.

Someone in the check out line saw my book and just brightened up enthusiastically when he saw it, and commented on what a great book it was. We had a short conversation which was encouraging. 

So I am so grateful to THE SHACK and its authors. Blessings to you!


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