My purpose is to live in Agape love all the time! My statement of faith

This revelation is something that I am going read every single day so I won’t forget!

God (definition: creator, ground of all being, Jesus, Holy Spirit)  is especially fond of me. God is especially fond of you. God is especially fond of every person, every living creature, every thing that he created.

God gave us humans free will so that we could learn to relate and love God as she loves in the community of the trinity–Father/Son/Holy Spirit.  God just wanted to expand her community so she could experience the joy that comes from contributing to the well being of others, and making life more wonderful for everyone.

God knew that people would mess up. So he planned ahead of time to send Jesus to help us know without a doubt what he was like.

Jesus was God, and showed us how we could unconditionally love. And, when he died on the cross, something happened that made it so we could be more connected to God. , Jesus example, teachings, and sacrifice and resurrection all did something very powerful. The part about what spiritually happened when he died on the cross is confusing to me–but I think it has something to do with that now the Holy Spirit could live within us. Now we could really express the agape love. Now Jesus, God and Holy Spirit could help us out more.

I know that since I committed my life to following Jesus, and as I learn to trust him and depend on him for help, he does help me out a lot. My life has changed drastically for the better over the last eight years. Not financially! But I am so much more at peace. so much happier. It is so much easier for me to do what I know is the “right” thing to do.  Yet others who do not give their lives to Jesus (often because of the number of Christians who have given Jesus a bad name through their less than nurturing actions) seem to have peaceful, happy, fruitful lives.

So I can’t say that Jesus is the only way–but maybe in the end he is when people can see him as he really is–pure agape love. But it really is not for me to say whether someone is going to heaven or hell. I am more inclined to think that the present moment is eternity, and we create heaven or hell in the moment depending on how we are responding to our circumstances. Jesus did emphasize, and even command, “don’t worry!” That tells me we better be in the present, not to worry about some future salvation. The Kingdom of God is at hand, and it is within!

Now here’s the part that I am delighted in realizing the most. I am fully embracing and taking into every cell in my body that any thing anyone does is either a request or an offering of help. But often times, it is a tragic expression. My intention from this moment on is to translate any expression of any human being this way. To put on agape love ears and be able to love my perceived enemies.

I also believe that a big part of my problem is that I have believed that the negative things people thought or said about me were true.  Well, yes it is true that I “sin”. I miss the mark. I choose to do things that do not contribute to the well being of others. I lose my temper. I act impulsively. I talk about someone behind their back. I betray people. Believe me…I know that I am less than perfect.

But the good news is that I can ask for forgiveness from God, and he is always going to forgive me. Even if the person chooses not to, God knows my heart, and how I yearn to be free of doing actions that hurt me, others, the planet. I can grieve my mistakes, but I don’t have to get into a downward spiral of self-criticism and discouragement. (Someone once said that the devil is discouragement–that rings true to me!) I can forgive myself. It doesn’t help for me to hang on to regrets about the past.

I can forgive others who have done something that contributes to suffering in me or others. I may choose to draw boundaries, limiting my contact with them. I might even support that they go to prison–but only for renewal and healing–not to punish. Restorative justice.

I also have the potential of reconciling with people who I have hurt or who have hurt me–that means that not only do we forgive, but we take steps to rebuild the trust. I believe that true reconciliation with everyone on the planet is ultimately possible if people choose. If they don’t choose–then they remain separated from God and other people. That is the tricky part–what if they never choose reconciliation, repentance, forgiveness?

I choose this day to over come what I have judged evil and unpleasant and tragic with thoughts and actions that will not judge or condemn or criticize–but simply express my feelings and needs in the moment. I will communicate with people using the four parts of the non-violent communication to the best of my ability, for in the clarity of this model which provides a vehicle to inspire connection and reconciliation–I am most likely to experience agape love.

I will do my best to keep a connection with Jesus going 24/7 (don’t know how I can when I sleep–but it must be possible!) I want to embark on an experiment that he can help me to stay in this place of agape love breath by breath.

And then when I forget, my feelings of sadness, anger, irritation, frustration, impatience, and other uncomfortable feelings–will be wonderful signals that I am wanting more than anything, to experience unconditional love. With the NVC model, I can use language to dialogue with others so that it will be easier for me to love. When I keep all the feelings inside, and think I should just be a saint exuding silently all kinds of love–that just sounds pretty boring to me!

But with language of feelings and needs, inviting dialogue and making requests not demands, then beautiful things can happen.

I have practice NVC language for twenty years–but it is so hard to remember to use the language, and so easy to spiral out of control when emotions hit–thus I also will continue to do emotional release techniques like the learning letter by John Gray, and co-counseling type techniques. But I hope and pray that I will never again forget…that anything anyone does–is an offering or a crying out for love. And that I can find a way to give that love in a way that can be received.

I would love to hear your comments, and hear them all as requests or offerings of love. I also would like to know if there are any walls that keep us apart. Do we need to have a conversation to resolve anything that keeps us from contributing to each other and making life wonderful? I’m open if you are! It may need to be by email for now, but I am willing.


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