Adventures of having a positive attitude and making something good out of very challenging situation!

Okay, here is the thumbnail sketch:

Patricia is at an out of town job organizing near Siloam Springs.

She notices the car is shaking, and chooses to continue to driving, but cautiously.

She senses something is wrong–pulls over to a miraculously wide shoulder on a country road.

She has a very bad blow out–the tire is destroyed.

She is able to call on her cell phone one a road where there is rarely reception.

Robert makes it in record time all the way from Kingston.

She also gets help from Leigh, who calls Dodie, who calls Geanette, who gets the help of her neighbor–in case Robert takes very much longer to rescue her (it is dark)

Robert rescues her and they spend a wonderful valentine’s day evening and weekend together with Mahriyanna and Chris. They dream that the car is safe and they know they will go back to get it.

Robert and Patricia go back three days later to repair tire. Car is not there.

They call sheriff–car is impounded. Need to come up with $300 to get it out.

Money is in bank, but because of out of state check just deposited, the cash that towing company demands is not available. $30 a day towing fee plus more time and energy results each day we don’t pick it up–as well as no vehicle for Patricia to work.

Friend shows up out of nowhere at Patricia’s cleaning–willing to give cash for a check.

Friend calls at last minute desperately needing Patricia to babysit. Mahriyanna is able to do it so Patricia can go to towing place to get car.

Robert and Patricia get to towing company. Get car out. Get flat tire fixed. Get car jump started.

Patricia gets to work late, but client is not upset.

With lots of prayer, some grieving, a little bit of anger resulting in crying out to God, much introspection, taking responsibility—Patricia and Robert get through this victorious.

They do not fight at all.

They are positive.

They get closer to each other, God, and Jesus.

They find comfort and help in their circle of friends.

They feel grateful for all their blessings in the midst of the crises.

They almost lose it at time, but encourage each other and trust in God.

They are determined to rise above the challenges and continue to pursue their goals to be the hands and feet of Jesus, helping to bring the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Amen! Thanks be to God. Thanks be to Jesus.


One thought on “Adventures of having a positive attitude and making something good out of very challenging situation!

  1. I have decided that I can not be confined to just helping people grow food. I have so much to offer–and besides, there are others better qualified to do this. I just thought survival and health was so necessary.

    Sometimes I get excited about providing some service because I think it is the most important thing that needs to be done–but there are so many needs in the world. I want to encourage people to use their gifts and resources to serve humanity wisely and joyfully.

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