Father Emil Cook–another Mother Teresa?–speaks in Fayetteville

I have spent many fulfilling hours helping Joan Pharr, a volunteer for Mission Honduras, organize her office and household so that she can be even more effective in her efforts to support Mission Honduras. The purpose of Mission Honduras is: To Break the cycle of poverty…one child at a time.

I have felt so grateful for the time I spend with Joan. When I see her tireless dedication and commitment to help children and support the founder of Mission Honduras to help children, I feel very inspired. From what she tells me–from her first hand experience–my sense is that Father Emil Cook, founder of the mission, is very similar to Mother Theresa. I am glad to use my organizational skills to support such a worthy cause.

I also feel very grateful that Father Emil will be here in Fayetteville sharing his experiences on Wednesday, Feb. 25. There is more information below. I am going to do my best to attend, for I think it will be beneficial to meet both Father and other supporters for fellowship, inspiration, and a reassurance that there is much good happening in the world. Here is the invitation I received from Joan:

YOU are invited to attend a private reception for Father Emil Cook, the founder of Mission Honduras International, on Wednesday, February 25, 2009, beginning at 7:00 P.M. at 40 North Crossover Road in Fayetteville. You can talk with him, see the mission’s newest accomplishments on video, and meet new friends.

It has been a year of good and bad for the efforts of the mission. Expansion is continuing with new locations being added. Each year more graduates take on a productive role in their countries. But floods in Honduras destroyed our food supply and cash crops, and fewer donations reflected the economic conditions.

The enclosed information is about our part in a Denton shipment of humanitarian aid. The collection point is at St. Bernard’s Church Hall in Bella Vista on Sunday mornings until mid March. Mary Marks at 479-586-6235 has more information.

The highlight of my year with the mission was attending the graduation of my second sponsored student. Alícia received her M.D. in September and is now doing a residency in Internal Medicine at the leading hospital in Honduras. In all of her academic career she consistently made top grades. She is also a caring and compassionate person who will be a good doctor in Honduras for the rest of her life. Personally I want to think this will do more good overall than can be accomplished in a one week visit by a team of medical people from the states.

Without Mission Honduras and your help, she might never have made it past early grade school. Her family just could not afford it. How many other children in Honduras today could grow up to be good doctors if only they had the chance to go to school? How many lives could they save and improve? What can you sacrifice to make a difference? How will you help improve our world one person at a time and break the cycle of poverty?

Ash Wednesday night come to The North Forty located at 40 N. Crossover Road in southeast Fayetteville. From the corner of Joyce and College at the Mall go east on Joyce, then south on Crossover. The North Forty is on the east side shortly before you reach Highway 16. You will meet some really nice people!!!

Love, joy and peace,

Joan Pharr

Volunteer for Mission Honduras International ~ jpharr@missionhonduras.com


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