My Vision of Community–creating a space where we can truly love God and people

The essence of Jesus teachings is: He came to show us how to bring the kingdom of God on earth as god had originally intended before man and woman fell. (They stopped trusting God)

Jesus demonstrated through stories, concrete actions, and direct, clear words how to bring the kingdom of God on earth: Love God. Love everyone.

Jesus made God more easy to love because we could now see God clothed in flesh. It is hard to love an abstract creator. But if we imagine or believe Jesus is still alive and actively learn about and experience his presence in our lives, we can experience the same kind of love for him that naturally feel for peoploe who nurture us. Also, Jesus said, “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me.” I hear from that loud and clear that when we love everyone, we are loving God.

By loving Jesus, he canmore effectively guide us and have a relationship where he can help us more. As I ask, listen, obey, surrender and thereby partner with Jesus to lovingly bring God’s kingdom on earth, I have life more abundantly.

what Jesus wants for all of us is to TRULY love. I believe that love means that we sincerely, without out any doubt or even effort want the best for people. Everyone. Even our perceived enemies and people we have issues with. I think that we are trying to love people, we are not really loving them. Trying means that there are conscious or subconscious issues, often from our childhood wounding, that are preventing us from loving. If we love because we should or because Jesus wants us to…I think this is not true and powerful love.

In order to love, then I believe we need to clear our childhood woundings through various techniques, including prayer, journaling, counseling, and introspection. In order to clear our childhood woundings, I believe we need to be in safe relationships, including our marriage partner if we have one.

But I also think we need to be in community with other who are passionately wanting to love as Jesus would have us love. We have more opportunity to heal our past if we are interacting with others who understand that when they act out of distress that they need healing. Not just prayer or covering up actions with scripture or trying to be nice.

by living with other in community, we also can live a life where our spiritual, emotional, physical health is optimized. We can help each other by:

1. encouraging each other in spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, bible study and journaling.

2. Helping each other to live simply so that there is more time and resources available to serve

3. Encourage each other when we are discouraged from the challenges of being in the world.

4. Co-create projects such as neighborhood outreach that can help bring God’s kingdom on earth

5. Eat healthy food so that we can have more energy and have less or no disease, thus being a positive role model for others.

6. Share child-raising so parents are not drained and children have a wide array of support which contribute to children having more security, nurturing, and less childhood wounding to deal with.

7.Practice transformation of uncomfortable feelings into positive actions and pure love by using such techniques as non-violent communication and re-evaluation counseling that have an added Christ centered focus. Practice conflict resolution methods which contribute to a harmonious household.

8. Create a space of such sincere, unconditional love that residents feel safe and can heal on deep levels.

I believe that the whole church which often looks like a club scene has deeply hurt people because people have not focused enough on deep healing. People think that if they would just pray enough, sing enough, cry enough, and study their bible enough, then all will be well. Sadly, these actions do not usually get us to a point where we can do the most important things that Jesus clearly tells us to do–love God, love people.

And so, in conclusion, my yearning is to live in a household where the focus is about how we can bring the kingdom of God on earth by loving God and loving people. By living cooperatively in such an environment, I believe we will be blessed even as the early Christians were blessed. Everyone had what they needed to live. And the numbers of believers increased in amazing numbers because people felt the pure love

Maybe the early Christians could have made it in their communities if they had the tools that we have now Maybe they were weakened because they were unable to even be aware of the childhood hurts that they suffered that kept them from loving as purely and as powerfully as Jesus called us to do.

Our relationship with Jesus is about hearing his voice moment to moment, and co-creating with him the kingdom of God on earth. If we can’t hear his voice clearly beause of subconscious “stuff” that we have, then we are not able to be in a position to truly love–to see what we need to do to be love to others.

I hope and pray that I can find a community of believers who want to live in a household together learning how to truly love God and each other.

If anyone is out there who might be interested in this, I hope you will contact me.


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