I helped a mother move–her report.

One of the reasons that I enjoy doing organizing so much is that people are so happy with my work! Here’s one letter from a satisfied customer:

If you need someone to help you with organization, cleaning, sorting, packing or any other detail to help improve your home/quality of living or moving experience, then I would recommend Patricia’s assistance.

Earlier this year, my family had to pack up and move somewhat unexpectedly.  My husband started his new job 2 months ahead of our move, so I was left with 2 chidren and a house to pack.  Patricia was instrumental in guaranteeing that our household was pulled together, boxes were organized, packed and labeled, and that I retained my sanity throughout the process.  Quite a burden to place on anyone, but Patricia was certainly up to the task.

Patricia was flexible, willing, professional, sympathetic, good at listening, and prepared to meet our needs.  She worked smart so I felt that my money was very well-spent.  She helped take care of details so that I could focus on things that really needed to be attended to by me.  Patricia was a great buffer in helping me avoid distraction during work hours.  She helped involve the kids, called my attention to things that needed discussion or decisions, and was just wonderful to have around.

I very much appreciate my experience with Patricia and strongly recommend her services for either one-time projects like I had or for long-term projects.


Amy Fugman


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