Why All The Recommendations?

I put this together because I was applying for a job with Meetup. They were looking for a vice president to help them put their Alliance program together. So I asked people for references. Also, I was thinking of applying for the Arkansas State Campaign Manager for Ron Paul position, so I asked for references then (before the Meetup job) I also decided to look back into my past recommendations, and was pleased to find one that applied to this campaign.

I felt really encouraged by how willing people were to take the time to write recommendations for me! I hope as you read these a little bit of trust is built. Of course, trust has to be earned–I certainly know.

Well, I haven’t gotten the jobs I wanted–Meetup needed me to have more technical experience, and Jason Sheppherd¬† who had more experience than I,¬† got the job of campaign manager–congratulations!

So now I will use this as a way for people to get to know me in case they want to work with me on the Ron Paul Academy, or work for them in other positions.

I need to confess that I was not very responsible in pouring all my time and resources into the Ron Paul campaign. I believed that I was doing the right thing–however now my resources are depleted, and I am deep in debt. I want to continue working on my dreams of being a community organizer and to set up a Citizenship School fir community organizers on our land. But I can not put all my energy into this project unless someone comes forth with financial backing. In the mean time, I am willing to focus on making money in order to be in integrity with my creditors.