Joe Alexander’s Recommendation

To whom it may concern

I have known Patricia for five years. I know her to have a consistent, strong and persistent interest in organizing people to work together for mutual benefit in very important causes. I admire her for her ability to reach out to others,carry on conversations readily with pretty much anyone, stick to her own honest point of view in spite of pressures to conform to the social group she is involved with, and to take initiative in inspiring others to action.

I admire her for getting involved in very important issues such as property rights,Aaron Russo’s promotion of his “America, From Freedom to Fascism” movie, and Dr. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, rather than more trivial matters. She appears to be quite well attuned to the zeitgeist, the spirit of the time, to see the real need of the time and what causes are most important to work on at the moment.

I believe that with the strong and consistent interest she has displayed for such organizing work for many years, that she has a calling in this field.

Sincerely, Joe Alexander,Fayetteville Arkansas