Judy Horne has only known me for 6 weeks, but she knows…

I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Patricia Mikkelson recently. In a short time, I have been amazed at her amazing ability to inspire and organize people into a strong, active group that is highly effective here in Northwest Arkansas.However, when you get a chance to meet her, you understand how she does this.  She is very dedicated to the vision of a better world for all with ALL of us working together to that goal.She is very interested in people and so she meets people easily and can quickly get an excellent discussion started about topics of concern to her.

Because this area is very diverse, her achievements in the Ron Paul for President campaign are all the more notable. I believe her success is due not only to her ability to work with people, but also to high energy great organizing skills.She has the ability to quickly understand large amounts of data and see the patterns and trends in the information.She also has the ability to cut through trivial material to get to the heart of an issue of us here in America, is weary of the stale, unproductive approaches to solving the many problems we face.

She has a burning desire to see a better life for everyone, especially those who have been marginalized in some way by various groupsI believe Patricia would bring energy, focus, and good organization to your efforts. Please feel free to contact me for more information

Judy Horne


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