Here’s a taste of my excitement for the Ron Paul Freedom movement

The Most Essential things to know right now about the Ron Paul campaign…including a note to Patricia about help being on the way–straight from campaign headquarters!

Hello everyone. The excitement is mounting. I have never in my life (I’m 53) seen such a wave of enthusiasm about anything. People are cooperating like crazy. Creativity has been unleashed. People are motivated. My heart is beating a little faster after doing this newsletter–so much here! I am grateful to our Creator, for he has given us the internet as a tool to show us what can happen when the free market reigns and the playing level is cleared! I always thought that if people could just feel inspired and believe that they had a chance, their best would come out It is happening, spearheaded by Ron Paul. United we are truly standing. Our divisions are falling away. The divide and conquer tactics of our enemies are no longer working. I hope you will read all this…it can only add to the hopefulness that we are all feeling. Not only can Ron Paul win, but we can work together to uphold our constitutional rights, bring the troops back from Iraq and elsewhere, and manifest our individual and collective vision for a free nation and a prosperous world!

Guidelines from the headquarters for Meetup organizers. Very comprehensive. Plus, a forum. If everyone in our meetup studies this, we can all be on the same page!

A blog with suggestions from Patricia Mikkelson of Fayetteville Ron Paul meetup, support for Meetup organizers: add your two cents here

A great resource website. This is going to be the best place to share our best practices and put it all together, I predict. Check out the wiki that has been created for the meetup handbook that I provided the initial material for.

Lots of invaluable information for Organizers from Meetup

For other general information about how we can stay motivated and collaborate on best practices, including a focus on precinct walking, check out

Someone just sent me this–a case for why Ron Paul could win–might be worth sharing!

This was advice given to me by Texas campaign manager for RP

I recommend you get all the help you can from the state elections division ….

And from your Arkansas GOP — keep after them until they give you all the information you need (or someone who is willing to know the process inside and out! Maybe you have some folks who are already insiders and can train the rest. Republican County chairs are usually good sources of help)

Here was a note sent to me by Ron Paul’s assistant campaign manager after Trent, who planted our meetup, sent a plea for help from me. Trent is the greatest! Thanks.


Hang on, girl. Help is on the way. We’re interviewing a great State Coordinator for AR and just hired Matt Chancey has our Regional Coordinator over AR, AL, MS, LA, and GA. You’ll have the assistance you need shortly.

I’m copying Matt on this so he knows who you are and can give you some direction.

Keep up the great work!
For life and liberty,
Debbie Hopper

Assistant Campaign Manager

Operation Front Door–We will be talking about this at our meetup tomorrow, Thursday

On December 15th Operation Front Door will kick off. December 15th we will have a National Sign Wave! December 16th is the Ron Paul Tea Party ( December 17th through the 23rd we ask ALL Meetup groups and members to perform Door-to-Door Canvassing in every state across the country. Following the Tea Party on December 16th there will be media coverage for Ron Paul across the board. (Picture this: People are sitting at home watching the evening news and see the headlines “Ron Paul breaks more fund raising records” when all of a sudden *knock-knock* It’s a Ron Paul supporter at their door offering them information about Ron Paul!) Knocking on every door in the country during this week we will show how powerful our grassroots campaign is. Please contact your Meetup group organizer or your local Ron Paul field organizer and get Operation Front Door off the ground!

Come to to see the tremendous progress of your concerted efforts on a national scale in real time graphic form. If your efforts aren’t here, please add your contributions and to encourage others to do the same.

A group of Bay Area Ron Paul supporters have just launched a important new resource. It’s a national canvassing website:

The purpose is to teach and encourage all supporters how to effectively canvass, and why we should all be doing it right now.

If the same 38,000 supporters who donated to the campaign on Nov. 5 walked out their front doors and talked to 100 neighbors, we would reach 3.8 million households, which is about 7 million voters. This number could be reached in just a few short days. Canvassing is virtually free, great exercise, extremely important, and is the most effective tool we all have to quickly spread our message of freedom, liberty, and our hero Ron Paul.

Please get to the new site, learn more, and watch the wonderful video of our very own Scott McIntosh teaching how it’s done. Scott has already knocked on more than 3,000 doors. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Don’t waste time by going through your own learning curve. Let our Bay Area Superstar teach you how it’s done.

We are now tracking our national canvassing totals. Just like the money meter on HQ’s website, we can all add our total door knocking numbers to the national tally. Please get signed-up, and start posting-up your door-to-door numbers.

There is still time to take our Revolution right next door. Just print-out a flier, grab a slimjim, always bring voter registration forms, put on your smile, walk across the street, and start talking to your neighbors. It really is just that simple. If we each do it, we win. If we don’t, we won’t. Expensive radio and TV advertisement won’t win the nomination. The Romney campaign has already spent more than $60 Million Dollars without improving their national polls.

Please make a commitment to join the battlefront. We need reinforcements to step-up all across the nation. Our efforts are needed to back-up our Hero right in our very own neighborhoods. Ron Paul can’t knock on a million doors. Scott McIntosh can’t do it either. But together we can. And if we want to win, we must.

Ron needs each of us to spread our message of freedom and liberty to as many people as possible. If we do, we win. But we must do it now.

Get to the site. Get excited. Roll-up your sleeves.Join hands and ride to the finish line, one door at a time. A modern day Paul Revere? Exactly! Pony-up troops! The Primaries Are Coming! The Primaries Are Coming! Don’t leave your neighbors behind.

David Cameron

Help for your inboxes!to help everyone with their email and make it so Ron Paul activity does not clutter your inbox. Every Email is different but generally all of them will have a filter function.

So let me give instructions on how to filter your Ron Paul emails:

-Open Your Email Account
-Go to Create a Filter (Next to Search the Web Option)
-Type Ron Paul, and Your Meetup Group (Ex. New Haven) where it says ‘Has The Words’
-Press Next Step
-Put Skip the Inbox
-Create a Filter

That should be it. There are other options you can select but this works for me.
Now if you go back to your inbox. Go to Search Mail; type ‘Ron Paul’, then ‘(Ex. New Haven)’. All the results from the latest to oldest mails pop up and it won’t get in the way of your regular mail. Make sure to check up on it from time to time to see which events are happening

How to control our emails…more suggestions.

I would like to make an appeal to all Meetup members Nationwide and those RP supporters not in a Meetup. The Meetup system has worked wonders for the movement but the emails are getting to be a full-time job to track taking us away from actual productive work.

If you’re in a Meetup, please go to your personal account settings, choose Membership and Communications, and select how you want to recieve emails if at all. You can always just visit the site daily to look at the Message board for any updates. All Meetup Organizers and Asst. Organizers should click the box to send any email message sent to the group to be posted to the message board.

Don’t forget that whenever you receive an email from your Meetup, if you just Reply to that email it goes to the entire group. If you have a personal response to the email then go to the Meetup website and find the persons email address and respond to them personally.

Finally, many of us are receiving personal email messages outside of Meetups about specific events happening around the Nation regarding Ron Paul. The latest has been his attendance on “The View”. Many of us get multiple messages regarding the same subjects.

I have found a website that is updated almost hourly on the latest articles, events, and videos about Ron Paul. If you are interested in keeping in touch with the latest events then make a personal effort to just visit this website instead of expecting to get emails from others.

Hopefully this will help All supporters across the nation. Plus we won’t lose people because of the massive flow of emails. Save the website below and save it to your favorites.

Send this everywhere and Keep up the Fight!

Jim Palmisano

Springfield, MO Ron Paul Meetup
Nationwide Ron Paul Supporters Meetup
Ron Paul Friends USA

A great place to introduce people to Ron Paul

Here’s a place to order a whole city full of dvd’s to hand out.

School is out, and the Ron Paul Revolution is taking over Iowa! All students are invited to join us in Iowa Dec. 14-23 and Dec. 27-Jan. 4 for Ron Paul’s Christmas Vacation!

If you can get to Iowa Friday, the campaign will provide you with the rest. Food, housing, and gas will be covered for 150 students in Iowa. All you have to do is get there.

To be a part of the Ron Paul Revolution and make history in Iowa, please RSVP here:

It’s winter break, we have nothing better to do, and Iowa needs us. Make the road trip and be a part of something you will never forget. And yes Dr. Paul will be in Iowa during both weeks!

Bring your friends. Bring your Students for Ron Paul chapter. Bring every Ron Paul student supporter you know.

Only 25,000 Ron Paul caucus goers are needed on Jan. 3rd to place in the top 3. During the 19 days we will be in Iowa, I expect us to reach thousands of Iowans. We could be the difference in Iowa!

Any questions/comments please post them to the FB event, and I’ll answer them there.

Ron Paul 2008!

Jeff Frazee
National Youth Coordinator – Ron Paul 2008


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