Acknowledgement for our Statewide efforts, and Fayetteville in particular

I know that I can not take all the credit for inspiring the Ron Paul Campaign to hire a State Coordinator for Arkansas. I understand that they have a lot invested here, because if Ron Paul can beat Huckabee, that will make a huge statement! But at the same time, they had to have some hope that investing their precious resources would bear fruit. I started the Arkansas Ron Paul Freedom Movement state wide meetup At our first conference all a month or so ago, I spoke to Cathy Christian, who had only just gotten involved with the campaign.

She was inspired to start which supported the meetup site. We are still getting the site more functional, but it is a great start. I also encouraged her to request the Little Rock organizer to give her the job of organizer, since he wasn’t very active. The very next day, that is what she did, and the organizer was very happy to hand over the job!

In addition, Cathy has done a wonderful job of organizing, now getting teams organized. She has attended three of the conference calls I hosted, and I sent her my meetup organizer handbook.

I sent a state wide strategy to Chris Holley, who said he could get it sent straight to the top of the campaign, without all the usual red tape. I did this. I also was encouraged by Trent, who started our meetup from West Texas, to contact the assistant campaign manager, who responded with encouragement. The very next day after I cried out for help, Jason Shepherd was hired.

And, of course the Fayetteville meetup is the most active, the largest and I think the most inspiring group of any in Arkansas. I hope that this all demonstrates my ability to market, strategize, sell, and be on the cutting edge of product development. I developed a meetup for Ron Paul with very little influence from others–there wasn’t that much support for specifically Ron Paul meetups at the time. I also helped the various groups in Arkansas to come together to cooperate and encourage each other.

Without Meetup, this would have been impossible. Thanks for your help!

December 6, 2007

The Ron Paul 2008 Presidential campaign Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of an official coordinator for the state of Arkansas. Jason Sheppard, of Fayetteville, is an engineer with experience in state wide campaigning and organization. And, of course, Jason is a huge Ron Paul fan!

He’s a member of the very active Fayetteville Ron Paul Meetup group, and he will be attending as many meetups as possible throughout the state between now and the Feb. 5 Arkansas Republican primary election.

Our investment in Arkansas is due to the effort you continue to demonstrate to us. We believe that we can carry the state for Congressman Paul, and bringing on board a coordinator with Jason’s track record is evidence of that fact. As with all our campaign coordinators, one of Jason’s primary jobs is to help you.

Please utilize his assistance as you continue the hard work you’ve shown the nation thus far. We’ve come so far in such a short amount of time, there’s no telling just how much additional support for Ron Paul can be created in Arkansas with the two months remaining until the big day!

Debbie Hopper
Assistant Campaign Manager
Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee


Paid for by the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee


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