Judy Horne has only known me for 6 weeks, but she knows…

I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Patricia Mikkelson recently. In a short time, I have been amazed at her amazing ability to inspire and organize people into a strong, active group that is highly effective here in Northwest Arkansas.However, when you get a chance to meet her, you understand how she does this.  She is very dedicated to the vision of a better world for all with ALL of us working together to that goal.She is very interested in people and so she meets people easily and can quickly get an excellent discussion started about topics of concern to her.

Because this area is very diverse, her achievements in the Ron Paul for President campaign are all the more notable. I believe her success is due not only to her ability to work with people, but also to high energy great organizing skills.She has the ability to quickly understand large amounts of data and see the patterns and trends in the information.She also has the ability to cut through trivial material to get to the heart of an issue of us here in America, is weary of the stale, unproductive approaches to solving the many problems we face.

She has a burning desire to see a better life for everyone, especially those who have been marginalized in some way by various groupsI believe Patricia would bring energy, focus, and good organization to your efforts. Please feel free to contact me for more information

Judy Horne

Sky Blaylock of Community Access Television shares about Patricia

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is to recommend Patricia Mikkelson for a job helping build alliances.

Patricia has been my neighbor on two separate occasions.From that I have witnessed her passion for helping people self-organize and her commitment to community building even in her own neighborhood.Patricia is full of energy and has relentless devotion to things she believes in.She would be an asset to any organization.If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sky Blaylock CAT Manager
Community Access Television, Fayetteville, AR

Description of Patricia’s efforts in grassroots organizing which led to a tree sit

I met Ms. Mikkelson over a year ago, when, as a lawyer, I was called on to mediate diverse grassroots resistance to an unlawful development project in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where she and I live. I myself, hindered by circumstances to do any more than the briefest community work, would be greatly reassured to know that Patricia Mikkelson would be doing the same thing for the Arctic Refuge as she did for Fayetteville

Patricia sparked the resistance movement at its beginning stages. It was she who began organizing against the city’s connivance at tree-preservation ordinance violations in favor of a huge mall development. The resistance grew to include tree-sit action and substantial civil disobedience of over twenty people.

Through a protracted and tense summer and at great personal cost, Patricia applied her considerable talents wherever she was needed. She initiated and participated in email bulletin boards and chat-lists that were vital in keeping communication lines open, when fast-moving events threatened to  overwhelm opposition. She responded to demands at all hours; this was important when the bulldozers were mobilizing under cover of darkness. Moreover, endurance became important when the tree sit failed and the development proceeded. Patricia had that endurance>

Eventually, the voters deposed the sitting mayor and even he conceded that he lost because of the tree fight. Further, due to intense community participation and oversight, the applicable tree ordinances have just been redrafted to remove some of the ambiguities that countenanced the violations in the first instance.

Had the resistance collapsed when the trees fell, we might still be suffering under the prior administration. But the resistance continued into the November elections, and the redrafting was due in part to Patricia’s substantial efforts. Needless to say, her efforts were unpaid and, especially regrettably, largely unrecognized.

Subsequently, Patricia and I have talked at length. Based on those conversations and my observation, I can assert that her faith in community action seems to flow from an in exhaustible well. I believe she has the vision and the commitment to work on national issues. She has the experience, the will, and the philosophical mettle to stay flexible and resourceful, in the face of what seems to be overwhelmingly big money interests. She is the right person for the job.
Please do not hesitate to contact me further, if there’s anything else I can do in connecdion with Ms. Mikkelson’s application.
Anita Schnee

Here’s all the things that community gatherings and meetups can help inspire to happen.


Community Gathering Examples


Here are some examples of things that can happen at a Community Gathering




The first 144 ideas were from
The Saguaro Seminar: Civic Engagement in America


Definition of Social Capital, by Robert Putnam, Author of BOWLING ALONE and BETTER TOGETHER

 “The central premise of social capital is that social networks have value. Social capital refers to the collective value of all “social networks” [who people know] and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other (norms of reciprocity)

Social capital is built through hundreds of little and big actions we take every day. We’ve gotten you started with a list of nearly 150 ideas, drawn from suggestions made by many people and groups. Try some of these or try your own. We need to grow this list. If you have other ideas, email us.

I, Patricia Mikkelson, conceptualizer of the Community Gathering, have put stars at the end of each activity to show how the Community Gathering can make these things more possible. When people show up at a weekly Community Gathering,knowing there is a free meal, childcare,  transportation, and meaningful/fun activities for the whole family– then they are going to be much more likely to be involved with all of these projects.

*means that an announcement can be made, flyers handed out, this can be listed on a newsletter, and a bulletin board, or you can just talk to a few people about getting involved, or the idea can be introduced somehow.

** means that this event can easily be organized at the gathering

***means that this activity can actually take place at the community gathering

1.      Organize a social gathering to welcome a new neighbor***
2. Attend town meetings***
3. Register to vote and vote***
4. Support local merchants**
5. Volunteer your special skills to an organization***
6. Donate blood (with a friend!)*
7. Start a community garden**
8. Mentor someone of a different ethnic or religious group***
9. Surprise a new neighbor by making a favorite dinner–and include the recipe*
10. Tape record your parents’ earliest recollections and share them with your children***
11. Plan a vacation with friends or family***
12. Avoid gossip***
13. Help fix someone’s flat tire*
14. Organize or participate in a sports league**
15. Join a gardening club***
16. Attend home parties when invited**
17. Become an organ donor or blood marrow donor.*
18. Attend your children’s athletic contests, plays and recitals*
19. Get to know your children’s teachers*
20. Join the local Elks, Kiwanis, or Knights of Columbus*
21. Get involved with Brownies or Cub/Boy/Girl Scouts***
22. Start a monthly tea group***
23. Speak at or host a monthly brown bag lunch series at your local library**
24. Sing in a choir***
25. Get to know the clerks and salespeople at your local stores***
26. Attend PTA meetings*
27. Audition for community theater or volunteer to usher**
28. Give your park a weatherproof chess/checkers board***
29. Play cards with friends or neighbors***
30. Give to your local food bank***
31. Walk or bike to support a cause and meet others**
32. Employers: encourage volunteer/community groups to hold meetings on your site*
33. Volunteer in your child’s classroom or chaperone a field trip*
34. Join or start a babysitting cooperative***
35. Attend school plays
36. Answer surveys when asked***
37. Businesses: invite local government officials to speak at your workplace*
38. Attend Memorial Day parades and express appreciation for others**
39. Form a local outdoor activity group

40. Participate in political campaigns***
41. Attend a local budget committee meeting*
42. Form a computer group for local senior citizens***
43. Help coach Little League or other youth sports – even if you don’t have a kid playing*
44. Help run the snack bar at the Little League field*
45. Form a tool lending library with neighbors and share ladders, snow blowers, etc.**
46. Start a lunch gathering or a discussion group with co-workers **
47. Offer to rake a neighbor’s yard or shovel his/her walk *
48. Start or join a carpool
49. Employers: give employees time (e.g., 3 days per year to work on civic projects)*
50. Plan a “Walking Tour” of a local historic area**
51. Eat breakfast at a local gathering spot on Saturdays**
52. Have family dinners and read to your children*
53. Run for public office**
54. Stop and make sure the person on the side of the highway is OK*

55. Host a block party or a holiday open house **
56. Start a fix-it group–friends willing to help each other clean, paint, garden, etc.***
57. Offer to serve on a town committee*
58. Join the volunteer fire department*
59. Go to church…or temple…or walk outside with your children–talk to them about why its important***
60. If you grow tomatoes, plant extra for an lonely elder neighbor – better yet, ask him/her to teach you and others how to can the extras*
61. Ask a single diner to share your table for lunch*
62. Stand at a major intersection holding a sign for your favorite candidate**
63. Persuade a local restaurant to have a designated “meet people” table**
64. Host a potluck supper before your Town Meeting***
65. Take dance lessons with a friend***
66. Say “thanks” to public servants – police, firefighters, town clerk…***
67. Fight to keep essential local services in the downtown area–your post office, police station, school, etc.***
68. Join a nonprofit board of directors*
69. Gather a group to clean up a local park or cemetery***
70. When somebody says “government stinks,” suggest they help fix it*
71. Turn off the TV and talk with friends or family***
72. Hold a neighborhood barbecue**
73. Bake cookies for new neighbors or work colleagues**
74. Plant tree seedlings along your street with neighbors and rotate care for them**

  75. Volunteer at the library*
76. Form or join a bowling team**
77. Return a lost wallet or appointment book*
78. Use public transportation and start talking with those you regularly see*
79. Ask neighbors for help and reciprocate**
80. Go to a local folk or crafts festival**
81. Call an old friend*
82. Sign up for a class and meet your classmates***
83. Accept or extend an invitation***
84. Talk to your kids or parents about their day***
85. Say hello to strangers***
86. Log off and go to the park**
87. Ask a new person to join a group for a dinner or an evening***
88. Host a pot luck meal or participate in them***
89. Volunteer to drive someone*
90. Say hello when you spot an acquaintance in a store*
91. Host a movie night***
92. Exercise together or take walks with friends or family***
93. Assist with or create your town or neighborhood’s newsletter***
94. Organize a neighborhood pick-up – with lawn games afterwards***
95. Collect oral histories from older town residents***
96. Join a book club discussion or get the group to discuss local issues***
97. Volunteer to deliver Meals-on-Wheels in your neighborhood*
98. Start a children’s story hour at your local library***
99. Be real. Be humble. Acknowledge others’ self-worth***
100. Tell friends and family about social capital and why it matters***
101. Greet people***
102. Cut back on television***
103. Join in to help carry something heavy***

104. Plan a reunion of family, friends, or those with whom you had a special connection***
105. Take in the programs at your local library*

106. Read the local news faithfully***
107. Buy a grill and invite others over for a meal**

108. Fix it even if you didn’t break it***
109. Pick it up even if you didn’t drop it***
110. Attend a public meeting***
111. Go with friends or colleagues to a ball game (and root, root, root for the home team!)**
112. Help scrape ice off a neighbor’s car, put chains on the tires or shovel it out*
113. Hire young people for odd jobs***
114. Start a tradition***
115. Share your snow blower*
116. Help jump-start someone’s car*
117. Join a project that includes people from all walks of life***
118. Sit on your stoop*
119. Be nice when you drive*
120. Make gifts of time***
121. Buy a big hot tub
122. Volunteer at your local neighborhood school
123. Offer to help out at your local recycling center**
124. Send a “thank you” letter to the Editor about a person or event that helped build community***
125. Raise funds for a new town clock or new town library***
126. When inspired, write personal notes to friends and neighbors***
127. Attend gallery openings*
128. Organize a town-wide yard sale***
129. Invite friends or colleagues to help with a home renovation or home building project**
130. Join or start a local mall-walking group and have coffee together afterwards**
131. Build a neighborhood playground**

132. Become a story-reader or baby-rocker at a local childcare center or neighborhood pre-school***
133. Contra dance or two-step***
134. Help kids on your street construct a lemonade stand***
135. Open the door for someone who has his or her hands full***
136. Say hi to those in elevators*
137. Invite friends to go snowshoeing, hiking, or cross-country skiing***
138. Offer to watch your neighbor’s home or apartment while they are away*
139. Organize a fitness/health group with your friends or co-workers***
140. Hang out at the town dump and chat with your neighbors as you sort your trash at the Recycling Center*
141. Take pottery classes with your children or parent(s)*
142. See if your neighbor needs anything when you run to the store*
143. Ask to see a friend’s family photos***
144. Join groups (e.g., arts, sports, religion) likely to lead to making new friends of different race or ethnicity, different social class or bridging across other dimensions ***


The following are suggestions I, Patricia, have made:

146. Start a success team and encourage each other in following your dreams***

147.    Facilitate a music jam session and encourage people of all ages and stages of talent to participate***

148.    Start a free geeks group and make it easy for people of all incomes to get computers**

149.    Start a life-long learning center and have classes for all ages in every conceivable subject***

150.    Have a dance jam where people bring their favorite music to dance to***

151.    Make an effort to include in all activities people who are under served and underheard***

152.    Teach a class in Non-violent communication or some other effective communication technique, and encourage people to start speaking in ways that build bridges of compassion***

153.    Start a listening buddies network so that every single person in your neighborhood has  number of people who can listen empathically to them in times of trouble.***

154.    Organize a neighborhood-wide emergency preparedness plan using something like 3 steps to neighborhood Preparedness***

155.    Start a neighborhoodlink or some similar website to connect neighbors***

156.    Raise funds to help bring in a consultant who can facilitate a three day meeting to help the neighborhood create a shared vision using effective change making facilitation techniques such as Future Search or Open Space Technology***

157.    Start a group to help localize the economy***

158.    Organize a networking group of local business people***

159.    Organize a food drive***

160.    Help single parents with childcare***

161.    Sponsor a 12 step group or other support group for addictions***

162.    Start a mentoring/coaching network***

163.    Have study groups to learn about different religions and foster a spirit of tolerance and understanding***

164.    Bring people of all ages and background together for a sing along***

165.    Organize a talent show where people of all levels of skill are encouraged to share their gifts***

166.    Host a local mic having poetry,music, prose, comedy and drama, encouraging people of all levels of talent to participate***

167.    Host conversation cafes and discuss a wide variety of topics relating to civic engagement

168.    Host study circles and learn more about the important issues that effect us all

169.    Learn more about the importance of civic engagement***

170.    Have book studies on such books as Bowling Alone, Better Together,

171.     Make a list of all the books which relate to building social capital and build a library accessible to all

172.    Inspire people to pay a fee like ten dollars a month to pay a natural connector in the community to do that full time.

173.     I have about 200 more ideas—no time now! (Patricia)

Acknowledgement for our Statewide efforts, and Fayetteville in particular

I know that I can not take all the credit for inspiring the Ron Paul Campaign to hire a State Coordinator for Arkansas. I understand that they have a lot invested here, because if Ron Paul can beat Huckabee, that will make a huge statement! But at the same time, they had to have some hope that investing their precious resources would bear fruit. I started the Arkansas Ron Paul Freedom Movement state wide meetup http://www.ronpaul.meetup.com/1288 At our first conference all a month or so ago, I spoke to Cathy Christian, who had only just gotten involved with the campaign.

She was inspired to start http://www.Arkansansforronpaul.com which supported the meetup site. We are still getting the site more functional, but it is a great start. I also encouraged her to request the Little Rock organizer to give her the job of organizer, since he wasn’t very active. The very next day, that is what she did, and the organizer was very happy to hand over the job!

In addition, Cathy has done a wonderful job of organizing, now getting teams organized. She has attended three of the conference calls I hosted, and I sent her my meetup organizer handbook.

I sent a state wide strategy to Chris Holley, who said he could get it sent straight to the top of the campaign, without all the usual red tape. I did this. I also was encouraged by Trent, who started our meetup from West Texas, to contact the assistant campaign manager, who responded with encouragement. The very next day after I cried out for help, Jason Shepherd was hired.

And, of course the Fayetteville meetup is the most active, the largest and I think the most inspiring group of any in Arkansas. I hope that this all demonstrates my ability to market, strategize, sell, and be on the cutting edge of product development. I developed a meetup for Ron Paul with very little influence from others–there wasn’t that much support for specifically Ron Paul meetups at the time. I also helped the various groups in Arkansas to come together to cooperate and encourage each other.

Without Meetup, this would have been impossible. Thanks for your help!

December 6, 2007

The Ron Paul 2008 Presidential campaign Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of an official coordinator for the state of Arkansas. Jason Sheppard, of Fayetteville, is an engineer with experience in state wide campaigning and organization. And, of course, Jason is a huge Ron Paul fan!

He’s a member of the very active Fayetteville Ron Paul Meetup group, and he will be attending as many meetups as possible throughout the state between now and the Feb. 5 Arkansas Republican primary election.

Our investment in Arkansas is due to the effort you continue to demonstrate to us. We believe that we can carry the state for Congressman Paul, and bringing on board a coordinator with Jason’s track record is evidence of that fact. As with all our campaign coordinators, one of Jason’s primary jobs is to help you.

Please utilize his assistance as you continue the hard work you’ve shown the nation thus far. We’ve come so far in such a short amount of time, there’s no telling just how much additional support for Ron Paul can be created in Arkansas with the two months remaining until the big day!

Debbie Hopper
Assistant Campaign Manager
Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee


Paid for by the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee

Here’s a taste of my excitement for the Ron Paul Freedom movement

The Most Essential things to know right now about the Ron Paul campaign…including a note to Patricia about help being on the way–straight from campaign headquarters!

Hello everyone. The excitement is mounting. I have never in my life (I’m 53) seen such a wave of enthusiasm about anything. People are cooperating like crazy. Creativity has been unleashed. People are motivated. My heart is beating a little faster after doing this newsletter–so much here! I am grateful to our Creator, for he has given us the internet as a tool to show us what can happen when the free market reigns and the playing level is cleared! I always thought that if people could just feel inspired and believe that they had a chance, their best would come out It is happening, spearheaded by Ron Paul. United we are truly standing. Our divisions are falling away. The divide and conquer tactics of our enemies are no longer working. I hope you will read all this…it can only add to the hopefulness that we are all feeling. Not only can Ron Paul win, but we can work together to uphold our constitutional rights, bring the troops back from Iraq and elsewhere, and manifest our individual and collective vision for a free nation and a prosperous world!

Guidelines from the headquarters for Meetup organizers. Very comprehensive. Plus, a forum. If everyone in our meetup studies this, we can all be on the same page!


A blog with suggestions from Patricia Mikkelson of Fayetteville Ron Paul meetup, support for Meetup organizers: add your two cents here


A great resource website. This is going to be the best place to share our best practices and put it all together, I predict. Check out the wiki that has been created for the meetup handbook that I provided the initial material for.


Lots of invaluable information for Organizers from Meetup

For other general information about how we can stay motivated and collaborate on best practices, including a focus on precinct walking, check out http://www.ronpaulreveres.com

Someone just sent me this–a case for why Ron Paul could win–might be worth sharing!


This was advice given to me by Texas campaign manager for RP

I recommend you get all the help you can from the state elections division …. http://www.sosweb.state.ar.us/elections.html

And from your Arkansas GOP — keep after them until they give you all the information you need (or someone who is willing to know the process inside and out! Maybe you have some folks who are already insiders and can train the rest. Republican County chairs are usually good sources of help) http://www.arkansasgop.org/

Here was a note sent to me by Ron Paul’s assistant campaign manager after Trent, who planted our meetup, sent a plea for help from me. Trent is the greatest! Thanks.


Hang on, girl. Help is on the way. We’re interviewing a great State Coordinator for AR and just hired Matt Chancey has our Regional Coordinator over AR, AL, MS, LA, and GA. You’ll have the assistance you need shortly.

I’m copying Matt on this so he knows who you are and can give you some direction.

Keep up the great work!
For life and liberty,
Debbie Hopper

Assistant Campaign Manager

Operation Front Door–We will be talking about this at our meetup tomorrow, Thursday

On December 15th Operation Front Door will kick off. December 15th we will have a National Sign Wave! December 16th is the Ron Paul Tea Party (www.TeaParty07.com). December 17th through the 23rd we ask ALL Meetup groups and members to perform Door-to-Door Canvassing in every state across the country. Following the Tea Party on December 16th there will be media coverage for Ron Paul across the board. (Picture this: People are sitting at home watching the evening news and see the headlines “Ron Paul breaks more fund raising records” when all of a sudden *knock-knock* It’s a Ron Paul supporter at their door offering them information about Ron Paul!) Knocking on every door in the country during this week we will show how powerful our grassroots campaign is. Please contact your Meetup group organizer or your local Ron Paul field organizer and get Operation Front Door off the ground!

Come to http://www.ronpaulreveres.com to see the tremendous progress of your concerted efforts on a national scale in real time graphic form. If your efforts aren’t here, please add your contributions and to encourage others to do the same.

A group of Bay Area Ron Paul supporters have just launched a important new resource. It’s a national canvassing website: http://www.ronpaulreveres.com

The purpose is to teach and encourage all supporters how to effectively canvass, and why we should all be doing it right now.

If the same 38,000 supporters who donated to the campaign on Nov. 5 walked out their front doors and talked to 100 neighbors, we would reach 3.8 million households, which is about 7 million voters. This number could be reached in just a few short days. Canvassing is virtually free, great exercise, extremely important, and is the most effective tool we all have to quickly spread our message of freedom, liberty, and our hero Ron Paul.

Please get to the new site, learn more, and watch the wonderful video of our very own Scott McIntosh teaching how it’s done. Scott has already knocked on more than 3,000 doors. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Don’t waste time by going through your own learning curve. Let our Bay Area Superstar teach you how it’s done.

We are now tracking our national canvassing totals. Just like the money meter on HQ’s website, we can all add our total door knocking numbers to the national tally. Please get signed-up, and start posting-up your door-to-door numbers.

There is still time to take our Revolution right next door. Just print-out a flier, grab a slimjim, always bring voter registration forms, put on your smile, walk across the street, and start talking to your neighbors. It really is just that simple. If we each do it, we win. If we don’t, we won’t. Expensive radio and TV advertisement won’t win the nomination. The Romney campaign has already spent more than $60 Million Dollars without improving their national polls.

Please make a commitment to join the battlefront. We need reinforcements to step-up all across the nation. Our efforts are needed to back-up our Hero right in our very own neighborhoods. Ron Paul can’t knock on a million doors. Scott McIntosh can’t do it either. But together we can. And if we want to win, we must.

Ron needs each of us to spread our message of freedom and liberty to as many people as possible. If we do, we win. But we must do it now.

Get to the site. Get excited. Roll-up your sleeves.Join hands and ride to the finish line, one door at a time. A modern day Paul Revere? Exactly! Pony-up troops! The Primaries Are Coming! The Primaries Are Coming! Don’t leave your neighbors behind.

David Cameron

Help for your inboxes!to help everyone with their email and make it so Ron Paul activity does not clutter your inbox. Every Email is different but generally all of them will have a filter function.

So let me give instructions on how to filter your Ron Paul emails:

-Open Your Email Account
-Go to Create a Filter (Next to Search the Web Option)
-Type Ron Paul, and Your Meetup Group (Ex. New Haven) where it says ‘Has The Words’
-Press Next Step
-Put Skip the Inbox
-Create a Filter

That should be it. There are other options you can select but this works for me.
Now if you go back to your inbox. Go to Search Mail; type ‘Ron Paul’, then ‘(Ex. New Haven)’. All the results from the latest to oldest mails pop up and it won’t get in the way of your regular mail. Make sure to check up on it from time to time to see which events are happening

How to control our emails…more suggestions.

I would like to make an appeal to all Meetup members Nationwide and those RP supporters not in a Meetup. The Meetup system has worked wonders for the movement but the emails are getting to be a full-time job to track taking us away from actual productive work.

If you’re in a Meetup, please go to your personal account settings, choose Membership and Communications, and select how you want to recieve emails if at all. You can always just visit the site daily to look at the Message board for any updates. All Meetup Organizers and Asst. Organizers should click the box to send any email message sent to the group to be posted to the message board.

Don’t forget that whenever you receive an email from your Meetup, if you just Reply to that email it goes to the entire group. If you have a personal response to the email then go to the Meetup website and find the persons email address and respond to them personally.

Finally, many of us are receiving personal email messages outside of Meetups about specific events happening around the Nation regarding Ron Paul. The latest has been his attendance on “The View”. Many of us get multiple messages regarding the same subjects.

I have found a website that is updated almost hourly on the latest articles, events, and videos about Ron Paul. If you are interested in keeping in touch with the latest events then make a personal effort to just visit this website instead of expecting to get emails from others.

Hopefully this will help All supporters across the nation. Plus we won’t lose people because of the massive flow of emails. Save the website below and save it to your favorites.


Send this everywhere and Keep up the Fight!

Jim Palmisano

Springfield, MO Ron Paul Meetup
Nationwide Ron Paul Supporters Meetup
Ron Paul Friends USA

A great place to introduce people to Ron Paul http://www.ronpaulintro.com

Here’s a place to order a whole city full of dvd’s to hand out.


School is out, and the Ron Paul Revolution is taking over Iowa! All students are invited to join us in Iowa Dec. 14-23 and Dec. 27-Jan. 4 for Ron Paul’s Christmas Vacation!

If you can get to Iowa Friday, the campaign will provide you with the rest. Food, housing, and gas will be covered for 150 students in Iowa. All you have to do is get there.

To be a part of the Ron Paul Revolution and make history in Iowa, please RSVP here:

It’s winter break, we have nothing better to do, and Iowa needs us. Make the road trip and be a part of something you will never forget. And yes Dr. Paul will be in Iowa during both weeks!

Bring your friends. Bring your Students for Ron Paul chapter. Bring every Ron Paul student supporter you know.

Only 25,000 Ron Paul caucus goers are needed on Jan. 3rd to place in the top 3. During the 19 days we will be in Iowa, I expect us to reach thousands of Iowans. We could be the difference in Iowa!

Any questions/comments please post them to the FB event, and I’ll answer them there.

Ron Paul 2008!

Jeff Frazee
National Youth Coordinator – Ron Paul 2008